Grump Store - buying and selling of stuffs

Hi folks

Just thought I’d let y’all know that Grump Store is has returned and is now trading. Mostly selling iron tools and a few other things, and there are request baskets for a bunch of ores, leaves, coal, etc.

You can find me on the balcony of the PS hub in Biitula, or the Aquatopia Hub on Beckon (next to the portal to Aqua HQ).

I’ll slowly be growing and adding more stands/baskets over time; if there’s anything you want to sell, let me know and if I need it I’ll set something up.


Hey, I stumbled into your shop a few hours ago! Love that Grump store is back. Used to visit you regularly back in the day through that Moebius Plaza portal :wink:


Now expanded with new items for sale:

Iron Hammer
Iron Shovel
Iron Axe
Iron Slingbow
Iron Grapple
Iron Chisel
Copper Hammer
Ancient Tech Component
Cooked Meat
Earthyam Risotto
Copper Bar/Compact/Refined/Machined
Iron Bar
Ancient Vital Essence
Fresh Vital Essence

Now purchasing Leaves, Fragments, Ore, Gems and Sap.

See you soon!


Special offer: buying Rough Ruby for 450c each - request basket has 35,000 coins! Also buying other rough gems.

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Offer improved! 600c per Rough Ruby, also buying other gems too! 50,000c in the basket :slight_smile:


In order to get compact coal for sale, I need those Rubies folks!

Now paying 800c per rough ruby, 600c for other gems.

Gem request basket now filled to 75,000 - still need more :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I’ve now added a range of Refined rock in a variety of colours - so come along and stock up, it’s a great way to make your build look nice, and add a good chunk of prestige too!

The offer for rubies has now expired, though I’m still buying all gems at 600c.
Meanwhile, compact coal is now available at the Grump Store!


I’ve also now started to add Atlases. Currently the worlds in stock are:

Delta Cancret

I’ll be adding more over the next few days… if you have any requests for which ones come next, let me know!


Lamblis atlas also now available. Believe me, that’s one planet you don’t want to have to map yourself…


I know, I did already. Selling for 900 each. Was no fun building into lava lakes -.-

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I guess I owe a thank-you to everyone who is mapping lava-covered planets. It’s much more fun exploring those after you’ve built all the bridges for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Limited number of Workbench Power Coils now in stock.

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You know why i cant buy your atlas?

There’s currently a bug where if the atlas is bound to a world people can’t buy it.



Thanks, now edited back to what it should have been - 15c.

haha, its ok ^^
im coming to get it :3

EDIT: where was the shop portal on ps connections? what planet ^^

If you go to the Biitula Portal Seekers hub, we’re above/behind the Govitias Te portal :slight_smile:

got there. i bought the glass and dropped my diamonds in your basked. when you need more gems contact me, we can bring thousands every day :3

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