GTG Marathon HUNT

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On behalf of the GTG UnderWorld; the Hunt Leaders, @DeViLiShBeCkS @NickkThatsGood, and myself (aka LitlCapt) want to formally invite all players to our Community Event/Challenge!

We will be hosting a 12Hr Marathon Hunt on Friday October 23rd at our Normal Hunt Start time of 6:30pm Est and we will end on Saturday October 24th at 6:30am!

We will be running the Entire T6 Planet Network, so 8 planets in 12Hrs! We will take mini breaks(to empty inventory) between each Planet. We will have Special Giveaways and prizes that will be given away before we head out to each new Planet, as well as a “Half Time Show” where we will give away more goodies and prizes.
We will have More Grand Finale Prizes that will be handed out at the end to those that take on the Challenge and make it through the entire Hunt! Potential Prizes are Gleam Club, Player owned Sovereign/Creative World, and a Nice Jackpot!

We at GTG are really excited about this and look Forward to giving back to this awesome community some cool prizes and hanging out with everyone!

Please feel Free to join our discord for further details and to hang out with some awesome people!!

I will update this post with more details as we get closer to the date. So, make sure you SAVE THE DATE for this awesome event!!


This is exciting! Good to see the trend of marathon hunts starting. I’ll try to be there :heart:


I think it’s really cool that other groups wanna try the “marathon hunts” let me know if you need a backup leader! Could help anytime from 11pm est to the end of the hunt


Ooooo I’ll join for some of it. My wife would kill me if I stayed the whole time.


Yes this is awesome to see! I’ll definitely be there at some point for an hour or two. Ongoing hunts with the ability to drop in and drop out are really helpful, but they are very time consuming for those hosting the events so seeing multiple groups take this and run with it can only be good for the community long term!

I bet it will address oort and forge material price/availability concerns as well!


I guess my usual half an hour hunt before bedtime isn’t going to cut it this time :sweat_smile:


I know I’ll sound boring but please don’t do a 12 hrs hunt at once hunt leaders or participants. Maybe hunt leaders can rotate shifts or something. It is legit unhealthy and maybe even fatal to pull a straight 12 hour hunt… hell or even a 6 hrs hunt.

Drink water, eat, and move actively you all lest you get a permanent defeat penalty.


I’m glad you are doing t6. They have the best drop rates for creature mats.


I did one of these. We had 15 minute breaks every now and then so everyone (including myself) could refuel on snacks, drinks, etc


I’m just so honored to be a part of this amazing group of people!
I never would have imagined that the guild would continue growing to this point, and be able to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves!

Special shout out to:

These individuals have been with the guild since the beginning days, and have poured their heart and soul into this game!

There are soooo many others that have helped along the way, it’s impossible to mention them all!

Thank you every last one of you! <3



My eyes got dry and my back stiffened up just thinking about a 6 hours hunt :joy:


To add to this, make sure you get up and move around for a few minutes at least once an hour. You will be more alert, and avoid most of the health issues associated with sitting too long.

The fitbit 250 steps an hour is a good minimum benchmark for this.

My father’s trick is to drink a huge glass of water before he sits down to play, that way his body forces him to get up eventually. You have to drink again each time you go though.


That’s how it is. But don’t worry about me, I’m just a 13 year old with lots of time and some crazy ideas


hahaha idk about that, @DeViLiShBeCkS just pulled off the unthinkable when it came to staying awake!


Haha appreciate everyone’s thought but we have tons of breaks planned as stated. Plus we are full of hunt leaders that can swap as needed :slight_smile:


Got this covered!



I am long done with the 24+ hrs days :joy:

Get a second one so we can game together :joy:

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i like to thank the entire GTG guild for making this possible for the community!

they grow up so fast


Dude, get me one!