GUIDE - A guide to using this forum

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Having been on the forum for a while i have discovered that people have absolutely no idea about how the use the features. So i made a little guide.

When replying to multiple posts or multiple parts of a single post you can make quotes for single pieces of text

This can be done by marking the text and pressing the button that appears afterwards.

Doing this helps to lessen the amounts of posts and removes clutter from the thread.

If you want to add a video to your post copy the youtube URL

And add the link to your post discourse does the rest of the work for you.

To further reduce clutter remember that the edit button is always available so double posting does not become necessary when you feel like adding something to what you said:

*When creating a new topic remember to use the search function first, often you can find related topics and this way you avoid having multiple topics about the same thing.

You can also search in the specific topic by pressing the “search topic” button which can be found right bellow the search bar.

Remember to press the like button if you agree with peoples statements or if you think they have an important point, this makes it easier to get an overall look on the topic and get an idea about where the more important points are made.

If you want to write some text as a linklike this:


Take these steps:

If you want to avoid spoiling important plot parts in media for other forum user the Spoiler tag can conveniently be used:

[spoiler]text here[/spoiler]

If you want to make headings or just larger part of text use the # symbol



For every # you use the text shrinks a bit



For splitting up the text into smaller bits you can use 3 dashs in a row to create the lines i have used to split up the sections in this guide.


The discourse team has resently added a much improved poll feature that can be found here:

Using these simple features makes the discourse simpler to use for everyone around you :slight_smile:


Helpful post! Thanks, we’ll send people here if they get stuck. For that, you’ve been awarded the Supernova badge!

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But I found the quoting function to be very wonky.
It marks more text than I intended to on it’s own and the quote button doesn’t always appear.

Might be a problem with firefox? Someone else had that?

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I am using Firefox and don’t have that problem?

The problem with the quote button not appearing is mostly related to the browser thinking that you have marked something else though.

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well I don’t usually quote anyway so it doesn’t bother me too much.

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Quotation is mostly useful in situations where there is need to answer multiple posts at once, like this:

(Just ignore that we have a topic with nearly 20,000 posts)


While there are clearly times that it has its place, I am not a huge fan of multiple quotes or posts that are very long. Both because I am lazy and they are harder to reply to. Keeping it simple is not a bad thing.

@KuroKuma Wonky seems like the perfect word to describe these forums. They are creative but it takes some getting use to.

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The problem comes when you go to bed and wakes up with 40 new comments in the thread you started :slight_smile:

Making an overall answer for them all would make it quite hard to see who you answered and people won’t get the notification about you answering them. Furthermore i see multiple people on this forum just replying to 2-4 different thread in a row instead of using quotes which would make sure that the thread is not getting as cluttered.

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I added a bit about spoiler tags.

Best I ask here^^ What’s the syntax to post videos here?^^

Post the link to the youtube video and then the discourse should convert it :slight_smile:

I doesn’t for me^^

edit: You could have said ONLY the link^^ without the link code xDD

I added a bit about tools to make the topics and comments pleasant to look at.

can you use go to google
Okay, so you cant use < a href=“”> gotogoogle</ a>

You can always just post a link like this:



Lol, basicly the same but then easier
Thx tho

I have updated the main post with the poll feature:

Hmmm just an idea but whatabout pinning the topic so people can find it? :smiley:

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God dammit @james now i need to update it.