Guide - Level 1 to 50 as Fresh Character with no previous coin or experience

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Hi Oortians!

I am back with a very different video - I have made a guide! This guide will show you how to efficiently level from level one to level 50 in less than 12 hrs. You do not need any previous knowledge of the game as well as no coin from before. So, any completely fresh character can follow this guide!

I hope it helps some of you struggling with levels and gaining cubits. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will make sure to give you an answer!

Please leave me feedback of what you think. Also, if you think there are any other methods that would be better, make sure to leave a comment below! Keep in mind, this is fresh character guide, so no expensive methods allowed!

Also, thanks to @HOST for making it possible for us to skip a huge chunk of the levels with the Future of Farms experience method.

Edit: GTG also has a region exp farm like the Future of Farms - I put directions in the description of the video!



Great job! Love the video :slight_smile: not sure if you mentioned the teaching pie again when it is about picking up the exp from the crafting tables


I do mention not to collect any crafting table exp without having the teaching pie buff up at ~9.25-> :slight_smile: But thanks for pointing it out! Very important to always have a teaching pie buff up!


Alrighty! Watched it while my baby was noisy


Absolutely no worries at all :slight_smile: The more people point things out, the more likely someone else will read it and learn!

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This is pretty good, I like that you discuss the process without getting too bogged in detail, leaving the new player some things to explore or find out still.

For those rushing along (who will be ignoring tutorials) it’s worth noting that when you land, head for a purple block on the HUD.

While you’re heading for that first portal, you want to be familiar with certain feats, so that by the time you get to the portal you have some coins. Sprint for a few meters and get paid. Creep 50m or something, get paid. Try and get in some water and swim a ways, get paid. There are others.

Then buy a chrysominter, It will start making you money immediately, using some “trash” blocks you will gather doing these activities.

For a later video, one “with coins” you can also consider a look at what you can do for an alt if you have an established character. Depending on how much you want to spread things out (number of machines, etc…) level 50 in an hour should be no problem. Especially with a region farm.

MAN if some people knew how many cubits I have deleted …


@QuimbyBoundless awesome job! thanks for the mention of region XP, GTG also has a region XP area, not sure if it’s still open it seems to close at times.

however my thought (when I did my alts)

THE FUTURE planet does not require atmosphere protection.
if you are familiar with the game a bit when you pick a location on the planet set a warp that has a settlement, most likely it has a portal.

when I do my alts, I go to the region XP, then with each level, i gain I put points into zeal bonus
this will make the teaching pie last longer, when I’m at region door 10, i get the explorer reward which gives me a total of 700 coins, then i buy a pie that’s nearby at the region xp farm i eat it and continue my journey from region 11 to 64 and at the end of 64 my teaching pie has been fully eaten

my quick method, seems GTG region XP is still active!


@Nightstar Thanks for pointing out the hud compass, completely forgot about that. I will make sure to mention that when I do an updated version of this one as well as mention some of the feats. I also have plans to make a guide for experienced players, and based on the feedback on this one already I have a much better picture of what I can do there as well.

@HOST Yeah I was made aware and even put a note in the description to point that GTG is available (also put it in this post). The protection was really because I find TNT hub to be so easily accessible and hence why the protection was needed. I am not too familiar with other hubs, but will make sure to point out more options as it may be possible to just go straight to region farms.
The Zeal skill is something I completely forgot about, great pick up! That is something I will mention next time, but it’s not that necessary since teaching pies are quite cheap anyway.