[Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.2 - AoE Bombs added!

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I updated the hammer section thats towards the end of my guide, both here and on steam.


So the main issue I’m running into with this rotation on hammers, is that the Boon Transmute Solvent is incredibly expensive. Pretty much to the point where using that is cost wise totally prohibitive in comparison to just using a deconstruction Resin 3.

Is there something I’m missing?

If you are willing to hunt the road runner by yourself, the method with Transmute solvent can give you better and stable result i think. The decon resin 3 is lower cost to craft the use-able T6 hammer. So it really depends on what you want.

just seeing this for the first time, thank you for including my forge trait list! I’m really glad it’s helpful

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Personally? Even though its in my guide - I just don’t use it.

Yes this means RNG is much, much higher and i take 3x as long to forge, but i feel its also cheaper in the long run.

I’ve replaced it with draining boon 1 - I get damage to 8 and aoe to 4 using corrupted boon I, than use draining boon 1 to get higher durability/buzy bee, which lowers the chance of getting defects or quirks.

Keep in mind those self-gathered roadrunner feathers still have value. You could sell them and buy a ton of other forging materials and have money left over.

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Exactly, gathering them yourself doesn’t make them ‘free’ all of a sudden :slight_smile:

I love your guide, it’s great and got me started forging, however I have noticed the stage where you use vigour catalyst 2 (rounds 4, 9, 13), as long as you are only using gum, gum, boon before hand, the vigour catalyst doesn’t add any vigour (it does add 200, but costs 200).

So you can miss out this stage completely, saving forging mats!

Edit: Ignore this, lol, it’s for removing the forge buffs primarily, not to add vigour!


Thank you for your guide

I’m considering expanding the wiki site to include information for all the forge ingredients because that is what I find myself looking for specific information about and can never find it. If you don’t mind I might be including parts of your guide into the general overview of the forge in the wiki as I find it to be the most complete approach posted on here that I have found. (I would link credit to this forum thread obviously)


If you wanted to do that, that’d be amazing! TY!

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Can we get a list of what each of the “buffs” do? Like I read about the “fate” buff but I’m just totally confused what that actually does.

Was it in there and I totally missed it? I wouldn’t put that past me.

Go to the top and click where it says ‘click to expand’

Then click the red part ‘forge trait list document’.

This should give you all the info you need!

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2 types of buffs.

Gum based buffs improve the oods of getting boons you want, and last untill you remove them with vigour catalyst

Fate buff increases the chance of the counter landing in the boon bar, while also reducing the chance of quirk and defect counters landing in the quirk and defect bar (this is good), and lastes a limited amount of rounds.

Protection Paste gives a buff that reduces stability cost, allowing for longer and better forges

Thank you so much for making this guide.

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You won’t one shot T7 blocks with lvl 10 dmg on diamond you will still need a STR brew. so it’s not worth going to that damage, you will need minimum lvl 6 dmg + a mega STR brew.

Great guide Vansten! I was pretty intimidated at first by forging. I’m getting some good results.

General n00b question, please forgive me if it’s common knowledge:

What is the benefit of using a higher tier material? For instance, all bombs seem to have the base durability, so if you’re forging healing bombs, what would be the benefit in using a higher tier material than Iron?

I believe the damage(heal amount) is higher. I’m at work so I can’t compare the bombs I have at the moment to verify that.

I realised that a few weeks after, should probably update that on the guide, cheers!

For regen bombs, there is no benefit. But for healing bombs, the damage of the bomb represents its healing value, so higher tier bombs will heal for more. This is why its also beneficial to forge extra damage and/or AoE on the bombs.

I thought regen bombs had a bigger radius on higher tier mats?

Regen bombs get like 20m or so added AoE automatically when using regen boon.

So literally the difference is 21, 22, or 23m depending on which mat you use, but the different isnt worth using gems IMO