Guide to settlements?

I feel like I should understand how settlements work better after years of playing this game, but I still have questions. Maybe someone knows?

If I share a border with a settlement…

  1. Does my build automatically become part of one of these settlements?
  2. How does it choose which settlement it joins?
  3. Can I choose to make my beacon its own settlement instead?
  4. If my beacon becomes the highest prestige beacon in a settlement it automatically joined, that doesn’t have any impact right? The settlement still belongs to someone else?

The reason I ask is because I’m expanding in a mostly dead area with nothing but an old road network and a TNT hub left. I’m honestly shocked the roads haven’t ashed by now too, somebody must have a lot of gleam club I assume. When I first built here, there was someone around running the settlement and they invited me to build here and I intentionally became part of the settlement (Anvil). Now there isn’t really anyone around, the roads are some other settlement (Maharlika/Adobo Inc) but I’m still apparently part of Anvil, and it feels weird building up a dead settlement when it’s actually just me.

If anyone knows the answers to these settlement questions, or can point me to a guide that is still accurate to the way the settlements work today, I’d appreciate it.


i hope this helps a bit


if you are the highest prestige city owner that is connected, you can name the settlement at your beacon
can you not PM the owner, or ask on forums if they are around or even discord?


Super helpful thank you!

I posted on the forum about the roads for some help chiseling, but can’t seem to find the user either on the forums or Discord. I could try PM’ing them in game that’s a good idea, I’ll do that next time I’m online. It’s always tricky because people have lots of alts so never know what will work. I don’t really need anything from the road owner aside from help smoothing the edges. My beacon isn’t new, it’s always been up against that road since the person who was managing the community invited me to build there. That person stopped playing awhile ago and their stuff has ashed, but the roads remain. I really don’t know how Anvil still survives because so much in the middle has ashed. It’s like me, a bunch of empty space, roads, and a smaller area that seems to be the real Anvil.


If you don’t hear from the player, perhaps sending a message to support to ask if they have any ideas what you can do might help?

Ya I’ll keep it in mind — at the moment I mainly wanted to better understand how settlements work so I can be sure I really want to invest in expanding and avoid being in happy with my life choices lol!


(off subject)
I could a swore when I 1st started playing there was something Bigger than “great city” like “landmark” or there should be more for Future Reference lol

Sorry back on subject lol

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