Guild contributions

With the guilds, is there a way to keep track of who donates what?

Might be handy, if we can let guild members see this then maybe it will help to balance out contributions, there will bep people who tend to put in more than they should, and of course those who don’t put on as much.

May just be a useful reference tool.

from release notes - looks like coins are tracked, although hard to say to what detail/extent (total only or per player or per character?)

Not so sure I like the idea of players, members of guilds being tracked for what they do. There will always be players who do nothing and some who do a lot. But some may not be able to do much not because they don’t want to or care, but other reasons.
A person who has a full time job, family commitments, taking care of elderly parents/grandparents, young children, single parents won’t have as much time to play as I do, where I am disabled and home bound and can play a lot of hours.
What that player provides for the time they can play could in a comparison, be the same amount.

I can see a rationale for knowing who puts into a guild and who takes out. If a large number of people are contributing but a few are withdrawing most of the coin, then this could be an issue. I would want to know. However, I do acknowledge that everyone is not going to produce and be able to contribute the same amount to a guild. I think the people in the guild are going to have to understand everyone is not playing the same way or for the same amount of time.


I see both sides of this. Unable to do much in the area of building, and definitely can’t do the hunting and gathering of items from the higher level planets, I try to make and give what I can. Copper for needed in the building, make food, When I sell or trade I give some of it to the guild.
Collect peat to make compact peat, but a player who has limited time wouldn’t be able to do that. Same with mining, I can do the mining for rocks needed, or gravel, but those with limited time can’t.
But, I can see the problem in a player who joins the guild so they can have access to the storage and items and never contributes, just takes. I just hope that guilds look at what the person is capable of doing and how much free time they have.
Was looking yesterday at what was in the storage of gems, wondering what was needed and if I could trade some food later on for the needed gems.