Guild endeavour - Is it shared?

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Hellow everyone,

As the title suggests, I’m curios to know if the guild “buff fuel”, the endeavour, is it shared to the sub-factions or reverse.

What I want to know is if for example I place all my alts in a sub-faction and gather endeavour there, can I use it to activate buffs for the entire guild, or only for that particular faction?

Any pointer is much appreciated!

All the best,

you can transfer endeavour between factions of the same guild. So yes you can do what you wanna do.

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And buffs, can they be per guild or faction?

You have choice of 3 buffs in the main Guild then the faction can override any slots of the main guild buffs. The buff helixes for the factions need to be in a aligned beacon to this faction to be able to override it.

If a character is in a faction, this character will take the buff set in the main guild by default unless it been override by any other buff for the faction.