Guild, Hubs, Networks, Hunts please read if you have a portal at TNT Megahub


Similar to the malls and markets
We are hoping to better organise the hub, and so we would like to use the newly formed corridor behind the planet portals to do this.

We already have some ground floor “guild hub” and “network” portals, such as HSE, Crymoar, Ultima.
They would all move to behind the T5 portal in the corridor.
In additional to this any existing portal in the megahub which is leads to a Hub or directly into another network would also be moved down here.

Finally whilst we finish up a plan to make a hunt hub or tie into an existing one, any hunt portals can also be moved here.

The T5/6 gateway portal will be adjusted so that it can be accessed from both sides, meaning you can enter the corridor and then the T5 very quickly.

So if the above designations apply to you please get in touch below and let us know either if you have an existing and are happy to move, or if you want to add your hub, network, guild hub, hunt location


I have the khalis network, it’s a high tier hub located on till, all t4 and above. i like you and ultima’s one jump portals and have tried to do that with the higher tiers, I have workaround portals incase lag/planet offline or like 2day wake up to find one portal down :sweat_smile: haha… but thanks to my workaround it wasn’t a prob :sunglasses:. currently connected on first floor and would be more than happy to move


If you would be up for joining forces pm me.
We are attempting to work with other networks to consolidate upper tiers reduce Oort Costs and make some real solid infrastructure for time to come


This! Oort is getting more expensive because seems like everyone wants to maintain their own hubs.

I hunt all my oort, cant afford to buy it lol

Dante is good people FYI @Envyv77


Cheers @DKPuncherello