Guild Idea

I’ve had an idea for a guild if anyone here is interested in joining and helping me realize my ideas.

There is no name yet, but the idea is to be an all encompassing guild with a more democratic hierarchy. There will be sub guilds built around the major character classes (or races, or magic styles, or whatever ends up in place as the defining difference maker in that area) with headquarters and guild leader. There will also be headquarters and leaders built around the schools of crafting, merchanting and the like.

I can’t really type much else up at the moment since i’m about to head into work but you can reply here if you have further questions or you can message me in private as well, or you can wait as I’ll be posting a more fleshed out description and invitation when I get the chance.

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This seems like a great idea.

Personally if I want to get into a world and game having this kind of thing would help out for sure. and democracy is fantastic when we remove the politics out of it… :wink:

I’m personally more of a builder, give me creative and I love to build. but playing with a group of people in this Guild Idea you have sounds interesting.

@CaptJack92a had similar idea and incorporated it in his “draft” for the guild named The Watchers. We’re always open to new members, so you’re cordially invited to take a look :slight_smile: Here’s the link:

The democratic guild is a good idea, does anyone know if there is a topic dedicated to different guild structures? Obviously some may prefer more traditional guild hierarchies so I think getting a topic for guild types would be worth having.

Do it lol XD

The topic I linked above your comment might fit your description :slight_smile:

While I like what you guys have going there, there are a few differences between what you’ve got and what I’ve got planned and would like to see. The heavy role play element and the clear end goal of building a library just don’t personally hold appeal.

On that note though, I did say I was going to elaborate further, so I guess I should.

The Set Up:
Basically the idea is simple. As stated earlier there will be different groups (sub-guilds I’ll call them for now) based around the different character classes (I’ll use the typical Mage, Thief and Warrior as place-holders for now) and for those focused solely around Building, Crafting, Selling, and Gathering. Each of these will ideally have a building (or at very least sections/floors of our main guild building) and each sub-guild will have a representative (we can call them other things like the senate, elders, or whatever the guild wants. We can vote on it. It will be fun) who is voted into place and all decisions that would affect the guild as a whole will be voted on amongst these people.

Why separate everything into categories? I want guild members to be able to know where to go, essentially. My thoughts were to have the guild’s main colour be white, and then have a colour to represent each sub-guild (like yellow for thieves, red for warriors, green for crafters, etc.) This way if you need a warrior for you party, you can head to the red building. Need to find someone to craft a bow out of the materials you’ve created? Head to headquarters and flag down someone wearing green. It would keep things like this organized, streamlined, and simple. Hopefully this would let members pursue the areas of the game that interest them the most while having a network of others who, while pursuing different aims, can come together and help each other out.

My thoughts were that the representatives of each sub-guild would be voted into place by guild members (who themselves are sorted into each group – character class by default, and then can sign up to be one of merchant, builder, etc.) That way, if a guild leader is inactive for a long time or people dislike them a vote can be held and someone new can replace them.

Another key point to my idea was having guild members be able to register mining spots with the guild or sign up with the guild for raids or whatever else like this. After which the guild would provide help with equipment and whatnot but then take some of the spoils of what you gain. This way the guild bank and guild armouries and the rest will grow while members have an easy way of accessing the wealth within.

That’s about all I can type up at the moment but I would love to get more people to collaborate with and help me build upon and refine this guild.

These aren’t’ necessarily differences between our guilds. In fact, this sounds very much like The Watchers structure wise.

There is still too heavy of a roleplay aspect for your guild to appeal to me, and I personally dislike the idea of having to solely work toward the end goal of building a singular library.

I understand, roleplaying isn’t for everyone. But the reason I wanted to make the guild a counsel run guild was so the end game wasn’t static. The singular library is only a tip of the ice berg kind of deal.

I always thought Guilds in MMO’s never really came into being what it should be.

Patrons/Vassals: One of my favorite Guild tools, was the one in the old “Asheron’s Call”, with vassals and patrons, where the vassals were guild members they got to join (I think you had 6 vassals). Each vassal would end experience up to their patron, it helped build relations with the patron and their vassals. The patron would generally help out and give gifts to their vassals. Very cool stuff.

Guild Alliances: I would love to see Guilds having allies and enemies. It would be nice if Guilds could join each other as allies, and have bonus tools, for each guild master to use, the main one being an Ally channel, where all guilds in the Alliance could share (Obviously having a limit of allies, three to five would be ideal).

History Books: Guilds and Allies could possibly build a Government for each world. That way, one guild isnt calling the shots, unless the Government formed is tyranical. Would be pretty cool, as far as lore goes. Especially, if the Guilds/Allies had a tool to write the History Book, for the said World. Adding story content on how it came into power (or even lost it). These history books would have to be monitored, and would be permenant.

Wars: Guilds should have wars vs other guilds. These battles could have rewards, chosen at the onset. The wars could last weeks, with the winners gaining footholds and even governing worlds. By declaring war, each guilds involved would have win/loss totals for each fight, with a predetermined win# declaring the winner, or even add things like land ownership (beaconed areas) being able to be attacked (this could only be done, by declaring a date it would take place). Wins/losses being a bonus # of wins.

Much of this is just daydreaming, since they are still in development.