Guild leader took all his plots and left


Better Venice :wink:


That sounds frustrating. It’s the nature of the beast with online gaming unfortunately.

If you need temporary plots, I can lend you some of mine.


If the guild leader is staying around it should be made known what he did so people don’t join another of his towns or guilds. I’m not sure if there’s anything specifically in the CoC about this kind of behaviour but you can’t help feeling he should be prevented from starting up another. Especially if he basically robbed you all.


Report him/her yes, but no public shaming is allowed.


No shaming, but at least make public his/her name and alts


No witch hunting, naming or shaming.


Well nothing prevents you from building a tomb on his former plot with a sign “In memory of our great leader…”


But it’s okay to rob everyone and destroy all their work? Would you want to be in a guild or town run by this guy unknowingly?


Two wrongs don’t make a right. :slight_smile:

The reasonable way to sort this out is to report the person to the devs so they can take whatever action is appropriate, without violating the code of conduct because ‘they did it first’.

And in the meanwhile, some people such as myself and @Pseudonym84 are volunteering to lend plots so that all the stuff they’ve built doesn’t regenerate while the situation is resolved.


It’s nothing to do with ‘they did it first’ or ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. It’s to do with stopping him doing it again.

If there’s something in CoC to stop him fair enough.


I think the devs have a better chance at stopping the person from doing it again, than a system of forum vigilante justice. :slight_smile:


On one hand yes, devs has quicker chance of stopping such behaviors.
On the other, this is internal player problem inside guild. I’m not sure if it should be handled by developers.
Yes, it was ■■■■ move, but truth be told he actually did what was actually recommended when you are feed up with your neighbors. Pack your toys and move somewhere else.


Yeah, but that’s another point in favor of bringing it up to the devs, since they’re better equipped to determine if the toys that were packed belonged to the leader or to the guild members. :slight_smile:


It’s interesting (and sad) that no one is considering that the leaders beacons might just have run out of fuel and a random stranger took the loot.
That wouldn’t explain the unfriending though.

Maybe someone with access to their account deleted their characters, that would remove all plots and friends instantly.
It’s not always malicious intent of the account owner.


Well, they were on his plots or plots where he had permissions as far as i understand it…
Imho this is trouble with too much trust on the internet.
Hmm, actually you may be right. I still think devs should not act as police for the in game actions, but I also don’t want to play eve online style game.


The unfriending is what led me to believe that this was intentional shenaniganry rather than just an expired beacon. Deleted by hacker could be an explanation I suppose, since it is heavily implied that the leader spent real cash on cubits for plots, it seems unlikely they’d just throw that money away on purpose.

Edit: I still find it more likely to be a case of ‘I just came here from playing rust and that’s how it’s done over there’ type of situation, which shouldn’t be condoned really, but since the OP hasn’t replied yet it’s all speculation at this point.


It’s also a common misconception among newcomers because of the way the game used to present plots as a cash shop item. You can earn plots worth of $100s of dollars in a reasonable time trought leveling, but i’m sure you know. :smile:
I get asked a lot about that because I also provide roads in a Town, but I just used alts and leveled.


Yep, I’m farming plots on all my 10 alts for a future project, that’s why I can lend this town some if they need it. :slight_smile:

I still wouldn’t willingly delete any character with hundreds of plots tho, even if they were earned just by leveling.


The game is built around trust, and the tutorials tell you (when you’re introduced to beacon controls) that you should be careful about who you allow to work on your beacon - and the same goes for building on other people’s beacons.

What he did, while annoying and frustrating, didn’t actually breach any of the rules. There are no rules against doing whatever you like with your own plots - and creating rules around such is a slippery slope.

The lesson here is to be weary of who you choose to work with, at least in cases where large amounts of resources are being contributed.


While all that is true (and I do think that the owner of the plots has every right to unplot whenever), the ‘taking our stuff’ part (which I assume was a shared guild storage) is a precedent that I would rather not be set.

I think it would be preferable to keep the game as an environment where the default mode of thinking is ‘trust people until they give you a reason not to’ rather than ‘mistrust everyone unless you know them IRL, and even then be careful’ that is more prevalent in the pvp-oriented online sandboxes.