Guild Name Reservation - Incoming form to complete


Just a quick note that we’ll be emailing out a form directly to Pioneers, Chieftains, Masters and Oortians to reserve their Guild names. Google Forms has a rate limit on the number we can send out daily so we’ll gradually email everyone over the next few days. (So don’t worry if your email doesn’t arrive until Saturday or Sunday!)


Does it include folks that share keys? Or will the option be for only the primary account.(my account is like that but I don’t hold primary)


Saturday or Sunday? Working on weekends? Now THIS is a dev team I’ll stand behind 110%!

Original post - 45 minutes ago. That’s 2:20pm here. 8:20pm there? Awesome!

Thank you for your perseverance and passion for your baby!!!

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Well actually I am expecting the full release going live on Monday!

I think they wanted to release this week, they usually do the week after a new big testing version but there were quite a few bugs to iron out.

Then the latest testing version update contains bug fixe for the current winter event which ends in slightly over a week. Will be weird to push it after Christmas or right before New Year’s.
And then we have these emails that are being send out on Friday eve their time and Saturday and Sunday…

Sure they could release the 27th, only gives them 1 sorta normal extra day afterwards to do bug fixes after the release but those are really weird days for many people as well, many take them off for instance and also, it would be a nice Xmas present to us to have it before Xmas :slight_smile:


Hey so far ive not got a mail. @Lawrizze have gotten his. I’m just making sure I’m not left out XD I’ve got pioneer is it still sending out mails?


Still no mail @james


I wouldn’t expect that process finished before Christmas is gone. So after St. Stephen’s and before New Year I’d say.


Nothing yet :mailbox::email:


Great job :slight_smile:
Really appreciate this !!
Thanks a lot.

Also as a steam user, which email should i check ?
The one link with steam account ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


We use the email addresses attached to the backer purchases made on (We don’t have access to any email addresses that Steam may have.)

All emails have now been sent to the owns of the backer purchases. If you haven’t received an email the PM me.

If you share a purchase with someone else then ask them to send you the link.


Yeah i got mine Thx


It was faster than I thought at the end. Thanks to devs for hard work over Christmas. :sunglasses:


wish i had the chance to become Oortian,due to illness was not able too such a shame , if i could turn back time i would! its the first game i spend my entire free time in and its totally worth it.

anyways gratz to everyone!


I am a guild leader and founder. How do I go about getting one of these…


Guild name reservations were only available at certain early access backer levels.


I am a pioneer (account wise) I never received one.


Although I got mine, I think I’ll make the guild when I have an actual name to use.

Also, if you haven’t got the email around this then it’s best to send an email to It’s the email address that the link to the form gives you. I am not actually giving out the link to anyone as everyone who really was an early backer of Pioneer, Chieftain, Master and Oortian should have got their email already.

Just passing along information.


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