Guild plot progression idea

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My suggestion for guild plot progression mirrors the individual players plot progression system in a way. My suggestion is that when a guild is founded, it is given a small allocation of specialized plots. These plots are each tied to a specific profession, and advancing these professions inside these plots raises that guilds xp in that profession. Additionally, members who raise their xp in a guild’s appropriate plot gain a small coop bonus to their own professions’ xp.

For example, a guild sets down their “builder” plots for an HQ, the builders then build the HQ, the guild gains xp in building and a few extra building plots per level, and the builders gain bonus xp to their profession for work within the guilds plot. Those newly gained plots can be allocated for a larger guild HQ, or establish secondary guild outposts, towns, etc.
Mining can work in a similar fashion- first place a mining plot beacon, mine the contents, then gain additional mine plots and xp. (This idea needs further work!)
Trade districts could be simply a subset of build plots that also gain xp whenever a trade or plinth purchase is made inside it’s influence.
Attack may simply be tracked based on a players individual actions, and could feed a small portion of xp into the “builder” plots so as to provide a second avenue of xp gain besides just building.

Let me know your thoughts and help me expand on this idea a bit! I just have the beginning of a ssystem here, but with your help I think a viable system could come from this.


Can you merge to the Guild Plot post we were using so we don’t get too many mixed discussions? Just wondering before too many threads pop up.

I considered posting this there, but as its an entire different approach I did not want to hijack that thread.


Sorry but I gotta say that this system is way too complex and fiddly in my eyes.
Assigning beacon plots can already become quite confusing, adding plot types to the mix = :boom:
A general ‘coop bonus’ sounds like a great idea tho.

I think it might be crucial to first get a definition for Guilds and their use before detailing plot-mechanics.

Are guilds supposed to found entire Cities, simple Guildhalls or both?
Or do they just claim territory,favoring members / punishing foreigners?

Will Guild Plots work just like community owned player plots?
Or will Guild Plots utilize a new mechanic (territory)?

And since I gotta meet my PvP-mentions per Topic quota:
How should PvP play together with Guilds?

It’s an interesting suggestion man but personally I think i’ve decided i’d prefer player plots turning into guild plots.

I think it’s the best method to support dedicated guilds and build player trust. Guilds with their own level system could become conglomerates and, in my experience, this leads to a level of social detachment where players no longer feel socially connected to their fellow guild members.