Guild shopping

It would be nice if we could set some shop stands to be guild specific. Nobody outside the guild could purchase items. Or set a guild price that would be a good alternative.


While its a good suggestion, i have few on my own for you/ your guild

Find a place where you will make the guild only shop, which will be locked behind an advanced lock, and just turn off the shop finder (also that beacon would need to have the fitting permissions but you get the point

Unfortunately I have tried and tried and tested and fail and succeeded and everything in between with locks, Advance versions, guild perms whatever and it is possible doing what you say just a huge and complete pain… That being said I currently have a guild request section set up as you mentioned but I don’t wanna lock my doors and I still would like to sell to the community (yes I could split stock) but Im Just tired of using my head and trying to figure out work arounds for some things and just have a simple button :stuck_out_tongue:

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ye true that, just poped the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

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not sure if you can lock shopstands and baskets XD but if you lock the door… and someone leaves it open

Auto-doors will stay closed, as long as the person doesn’t stay idle in the doorway to keep it open :smiley:

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Yeh auto door and do an air lock style with 2 doors cos people can follow you quickly and get thru, I locked my machines away cos I couldn’t be bothered blocking off the coils and I managed to lock someone in when I was doing some crafting for them not thinking