Hey guys, I’m a returning player just looking for a new guild to play with!
I am now active and enjoy gathering/hunting

My IGN : Tooshy


Welcome back!

Best thing to do prolly is to join official Boundless discord and ask from there.
Also you can use search tab in forums… think there was guild post sometime ago where people were able to promote their guild


If you want to attempt to become a Reaper you are more than welcome to try. Keep in mind it might be a 1-3hr process depending on your skill level.


Thanks for that!

Definitely give Portal Seekers a look! Great guild, great people!

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Hi @tasheel1 welcome back! You are welcome to check out iLLumiNaughty! We are the capitol of Trior and we have a great guild with a lot of great members as well as some awesome community partners!

We have no requirements for donations although they are welcome. :blush: We welcome you to build and play the game your way.

Our buffs reset tomorrow and we have Grapple and Run lvl 3, Builder Buff 2 and the safety Buff 1. We also have a Food and Brew Faction, with the buff level 2.

We have a community workshop, and a fully coiled minter which is for members to use. :blush: We also run the Naughty Mall and we have a lot of great options for shop keepers.

We are active in the community and we are super proud to have a lot of amazing relationships with other guilds, like HSE, Fireborn Nomads, and Lotus

Good luck with your decision! :blush:

Just make sure that whichever Guild you choose serves pie everyday! Lots of laughs