Guilds announcements thread

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:shard:Guilds announcements thread:shard:

Guilds are here to stay and are one of the main features of boundless. I for one would like to know how many guilds that are around and what they stand for without having to go through a million posts.

For all those guilds around I would like to centralise some basic info on one thread like we have on discord.

  • State your guild name /show off your logo (if you have one):
  • Main base of operation (planets):
  • Goals + chosen buffs:
  • Recruitment info (where you can also put if you are not recruiting):

anything else you think is important. Like for example main language used by your players.


The Hygard (word play on High Guard) is a new guild I’m putting together to build a collective of players who want to help at bringing the people of Boundless closer together by building beautiful and meaningful places where everyone can take a break from their daily activities and just socialize.

:european_castle: Main Headquarters: Hygate, Arie

:speaking_head: Guild Language: English

:envelope_with_arrow: Guild Discord:



Beautiful idea I wonder if the devs are working on guild flags or anything of that manner.


You can make what ever you want in game :smiley: Portal Seekers uses their Emblem everywhere they can so why the need of inventing something?


Flags and banners are cool just saying they can blow in the wind

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Masters of Ancient Ways (MAW) Guild is always recruiting. We are based out of Imdaari world and are currently the capital there. We are currently using these guild buffs: Defeat Penalty, House Healing, Run and Grapple. We have a Builder faction which can activate seperate buffs when there is demand for it, and have plans to make a Hunter/Gatherer faction as well.

Below are a couple videos that show the location and guild hall: