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Ok - the gauntlet was thrown down by @ben and I’ve risen to the challenge … and … I’ve just uploaded a basic implementation of a Guild Glyph Creator :smile:

It’s basically just a scaled down version of the glyph translator, so I could accommodate the extra grid points.

I’ve not made it so you can save colours or anything (or even the glyph itself) as I don’t know if the colour variations will be a thing yet. If that status changes, I will look to add it in.

A question for the community… do you want to be able to save your created glyph so you can show others? If so, would you want me to display the latest created glyphs (say the last 10 - 20) on the site, or would you prefer to keep it a secret and just have the ability to download a generated image of your glyph?

That aside … here’s the Boundless Crafting Guild Glyph Creator for your enjoyment!

As always, feedback welcome!



Ok, after receiving some feedback from @ben, I’ve taken out the grid filler - which basically made the block whole, when connecting groups of blocks together.

Also, I decided to spoil you and let you download your created glyphs, so you can keep them for future reference :wink:


thanks so much! Can confirm that dwarfish glyphs are possible with this much area to click in :D.


Spiral patterns are always fun:


The guild glyph maker could maybe use some slightly large empty spaces as inclosed areas get very tight:

@Stretchious is ON IT today, already added a ‘Download as Image’ button!


Bagsy tailors guild! :v


I kinda like that though D:. Maybe have the option to have thinner blocks/lines for the time being?

@ben cute winky face :>.

Nerds Guild


Yeah it looks nice for some things but it looks kinda weird with the small holes though

Replicating one of bens designs:




Maybe @Stretchious can have a look at making it more uniform :wink:

I’ll have a look at making it more uniform during my lunch break :wink:

I also need to shift the whole thing over and up by 10 pixels so we don’t get that silly top & left border on the downloaded images (I don’t know what I was thinking when I decided that was a good idea!)

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You can even do a city with clouds!


love this one!

@TrikRisk instead of making two replies it is easy to quote parts of the text, by marking it and clicking the quote reply button, so you can reply to multiple messages in the same reply.

That is a nice design for a building guild actually :smiley:

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Ok, so I couldn’t contain my perfectionism… I added some spacing between the blocks - not completely uniform, but it’s better! Also got rid of the padding on the saved image!


Looks great :thumbsup:


and i just thought of a name. Clouded City or Hidden Clouds or Cloud Hidden Clan, Hidden by the Clouds Clan… ideas?

I like Clouded City and Cloud Hidden Clan best

So first the Death Guild or something like that or even the 216 Death Room

and then a Panda!! perhaps?

@KuroKuma its what im doing.

one less mature but adult stuff which is why there is a banner lol.

im already editing guys jeez @Thorbjorn42gbf

one for portugal

a clown face or a guy with 2 drinks on the couch? which one do you see? xD insert x files music here