Guilds: Guild Glyphs

One feature we’d like to support Guild specific Glyphs. We’'re designing and planning for it now (with no time-frame for when yet) as a 5x5 grid giving 2^40 unique combinations (that’s a lot) so every guild can reserve their own unique glyph.

I had some fun making these this afternoon – they’re also really quick to make. I’ll throw down a gauntlet down to @Stretchious to add 5x5 guild glypg creation to so you guys can have a go too :wink:


Interesting. This definitely adds a lot of customization to guilds, without requiring outside images. I’ve added the examples to the devlog folder :panda_face:

Now I gotta figure out how do an illuminoorti logo in a 5x5 grid!


There ought to be some way to report/approve certain designs. I can see that you can already make crude designs and offensive designs like the Nazi symbol.

Alos the 2^40 combinations won’t all look good. But it’s looking great and should be interesting :slight_smile:

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Would it be difficult to make it a big bigger, like 7x7 perhaps? And i definitely agree, there needs to be some way to report/approve designs.

It wouldn’t be difficult, but it would take up more data, I suppose. 5x5 seems like plenty of space for a huge variety of possible variations. Add colored background/foreground and you further enhance possibilities.

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Yeah, some sort of automatic swastika detector will definitely be necessary

I didn’t think about color variations. Good point.

Neat but yeah there is going to be some crude and offensive once

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Dibs on row 5, column 4. Cool? Cool.

Don’t forget about male appendages :scream:

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:+1:? These?



this are “1 trillion 99 billion 511 million 627 thousand 776” combinations. even if only 1% of them look “good” (which is really subjective) there are 1.7 glyphs for every person alive on planet earth. I’m sure this are enough :smiley:

remember that the “orginal” swastika is a sign of luck in other cultures. but i agree with you that this should not be allowed anyway.


The 3rd from the left on the 4th row. That one kinda looks like a swastika already. If you focus on the grey outlining

Challenge Accepted!

As mentioned by a couple of others on the thread, I’m guessing there will also be the option to select foreground and background colours as well, for more diversity? Or will it just be one foreground/background colour for everyone?

Will these also be the same as the word glyphs, wherein they can be viewed from any orientation?

I guess people will see what they want to see ^^


neat feature would be to “register” a reserved guild logo so if somebody remembers what a guild’s glyph looks like, they can look up the name or something to that effect. That brings up a different question- @ben, will guild glyphs be unique, as in once a gg is registered can it be used by other guilds?


If it will bring me luck, then why not :smile:

I wonder how interesting it would be to generate unique per-player glyphs (Journey-style) and use those in various places?

I would largely prefer if they could only be created by one guild if that guild then wants to share it with sub guild or such things would then be up to them.


I’d like to also add that they better be back up for grabs if the guild disbands.