Q&A: Guilds

Q: Do we get Guilds or Clans ?

A: Most definitely. Guilds are a key part of Boundless.

Q: How do they work ? (benefits e.g.)

A: Guilds are predominantly a way of groups of players pooling their resources, and using them to work together. Guilds have their own beacons, money, and resources, and those are used for group projects. Much of that is donated to the guild by its members, although they can also be earned by the guild iteslf.

Q: Will we be able to create a symbol/icon to establish players and towns.

A: The plan is for each guild to have a unique Glyph, as detailed by ben’s post:

Q: Will guilds be able to raid/attack other guilds.

A: We’re not currently planning on having combat PvP be a major feature of the game between players or guilds. We would rather encourage other ways of Guilds interacting with each other, such as competing for world dominance. This is something we will have to keep an eye on though, as competition is a key part of any guild system.

Q: If No, how do we team up for something ?

A: The main way that guilds compete is through world dominance, building the most impressive structures and displaying the most wealth on a given world gives the guild (or an individual) control of that world. As well as bragging rights this also brings advantages (as yet undecided).

In addition to these questions from the question thread, @Havok40k asked some more:

Q: What kind of in-game management tools will guild leaders have to work with?

The plan for management within Guilds is the use of Factions, which are essentially sub-guilds. If you have a large guild you can have only trusted senior members in the main Guild, and then everyone else in one or more Factions. Members of the main Guild automatically have privileges on all Faction property, but not the other way around. You can then give privileges on beacons and locks for each Faction individually allowing them access to whatever you see fit. Privileges can also be be given to individual members for placing guild beacons, transferring Coin, and adding and removing members.

Q: How will we be able to pool resources and prevent abuse and theft of shared stockpiles?

A: Physical resources will have to me moved manually (although obviously Portals and Warps can be used to make this easier), so no automatic Guild chest. Using the Faction system, beacons, locks and storage can be open to certain guild members and closed to others. Coin is stored centrally (although there are separate totals for the main Guild and each Faction), so putting money in and taking it out can be done across worlds.

Q: Will activity planning functions like calendars and notice boards be available in 1.0?

A: This is not something we had planned for 1.0, but I really like your ideas on this, particularly the noticeboard. Whether we can fit these in is a matter of development cost, but I will certainly put them on the list. The noticeboard idea is just an extension of our planned signs so that may not be too hard to do.


Woohoo! Thanks, Ollie! Especially for this part:


That all sounds fantastic to me! Cheers Ollie!


Sounds good to me^^
Now the only question I have left is if we can join multiple guilds or not?

Judging by the screenshot Ben provided previously, being in multiple guilds will be possible. I think you will only be able to hold the position of Guild Leader for one guild though.

Another thing to add to that is, just because you can … it doesn’t mean you have to :wink:

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Yes, you can join as many guilds as you want*

*this is not strictly true, as we will need to have a limit to stop the server melting, but that limit will hopefully be more than you will ever want to join.


True, you don’t have to if we can. But clarification is always good^^

And there it is^^ Thanks for the answer. Now I need to think about if I like it or not xD


One compelling reason for being in more than one guild is that people are likely to set them up for individual building projects, so you might be helping to build a city on one world, while building a pet project with your mate on other world, and all the while taking on titans with your main gaming guild. We don’t want to restrict people from being involved with projects because it would use up one of, or their only, guild slot.


There was a discussion about this some time ago and i like to ask one of my main questions according to this again.

@olliepurkiss: If beacon plots are “donated” by guild members what happens if a member leaves a guild ?

At the moment beacon plots are strictly limited and if i donate 1 or “n” of my plots to one guild and if i leave this guild later (because i don’t like the new leader, it’s dieing or many more reasons) what happens to my plots ? At the moment i’ve the feeling that plots are a “really worthy possession” and i most likely want it back if i leave the guild.


So your guilds are essentially a mix of groups and guilds from other games, correct?
Because that’s what normally groups are there for in other games. Doing non guild stuff with other people. Like building projects.

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Exactly. It seems sensible to have the same functionality for any collaboration whether small or large.


It seems that way. At least I can’t think of a situation right now where you wouldn’t want the same functionality.
Seems like you pulled me slightly over to the “pro multiple guilds” side^^

Who will be able to see in which guilds or factions someone is? Everybody? Just guild higher ups of guilds someone already is a member of?

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Oh ok now I get it. So guilds are rather something like teams that you put up for specific tasks and not something like the usual MMORPG guilds that are one community that puts up with every task it encounters.
Now I also (kinda) understand the reasoning behind declining GvG warfare, though I´m still afraid that the GvG competition will be quite dull without involving actual fighting.

How is it going to be determined who has the most impressive structure / most wealth?

What does ‘controlling a world’ mean/include?


Awesome cool ideas. May need expanding on a bit but I’m sure u guys are already on that.

This is great!!
I’m glad you guys got this cleared up!
Definitely a huge part in excited for in the game!

I think the idea of allowing multiple guilds while also bringing about factions is to encourage the guild system to be used however you want. As Ollie said, if you want to be involved in different projects with different people, join multiple guilds. If you want to be part of a main guild and help them set up outposts/take on titans/maintain their space zoo, you can be assigned to different factions. This system is pretty neat because it allows for a wide spectrum of group activities and group management to take place.


i hope for another sytem. a better system i think would be, that a guild had at the start as example 100 beacon plots, and can buy for coins extra beacon slots or instead coins if the guild get exp (give it guild exp or only player exp ?). in the other case, if player must spend their beacon plots they must decide if they want make a own building or a guild building. as example i will do both. Thats why i think its better to buying plots from the coins who donated for the guild or to spend guild exp for it(guild exp can earnd if you build in a build beacon or sothing similar, as idea)


That’s way too much :smiley: A guild should only get around 20 plots max at the beginning. Otherwise i could just spam create guilds an instantly have hundrets of plots ^^
But yeah I kinda agree with you that a guild should start out with some extra plots to beginn with. Maybe only if the guild has reached a certain milestone of members?


as example ^^

and a player had 12 plots and a guild with as example 20-30 player shpould had only 20 plots at start ? i think this is to less.

Member Milestone is not a good idea, i think. if you reached 300 member and than the half go out of the guild what is than ? you lost the beacon place ? and a smal but very active guilkd has than a big handicap. if you make it over coins or guild exp a active guild can get the same beacon space as a big guild. the small need mnore to do, but they can get it.

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Thanks for the info. I was curious on how guilds are going to function. I may consider just taking screenshots of all of these FAQs and adding them to the collection.