Props: Guild Flags / Banners

I know this has been mentioned in various posts before, but with the recent update regarding Guild Glyphs, I have been thinking of ways that people could display their new guild glyphs around their guild areas…

One simple way to do this would be via the use of flags and banners. You could possibly have variations in flag styles and colours, or even have multiple sections on a flag to show what guilds you are affiliated with (although how that would be managed is something for another topic!).

I’ve mashed together a few examples of what I think some flags could look like and would be interested to hear what other people think and whether the devs already have something like this in mind or on the todo list ;).

(Sorry, Image is a bit small!)

If we could set flag colour and the glyph colour as well, it would be cool to use these to mark out guild territories!


I’m definitely in favor of this idea!

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I would deffinetly be in favor of this. They could be crafted using guild tokens. Blocks with the symbol carved into it would be nice too.

Or just the ability to carve the symbol into most blocks?


Yeah, I like that idea! The ability to carve them into blocks would be really cool!

I’m sure there was talk of a ‘decal’ being applied to blocks at some point as well… not sure if that functionality could be used for this purpose!


We really like this kind of thing too.

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I think B< is tending towards a “tribish” style instead a medieval one so I think some Aztec like stone carvings for guild symbols would fit better into the game than banners.

And for bigger decals you could build your logo by using 9x9 blocks.


I favor the chiseled block look as well if only to avoid having too many parallels to Minecraft.

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Yeah, carved blocks would be cool. I think it would be possible to do flags, whilst keeping them tribal and ultimately different than the MC implementation of them

Basically just make them look more tribal and in theme with the rest of the props… so accompaniments and and points etc. Similar sort of styles and designs that we saw on Code name ‘Lance’ Concept. There are plenty of design changes that could be done that would remove all but the base similarity of ‘It’s a flag’ from the MC version of this.

In addition to Guild flags / banners and carved blocks, I think it would also be nice to be able to make the same things for some of the smaller glyphs too - namely the Profession glyphs recently leaked (or possibly not if they’re just placeholders!), by Ben, as part of the Crafting: Workbench GUI systems.

This would be ideal for Storekeepers to have a recognisable sign outside their shop, as it will help other players find them more easily - Saving people time from wandering around a new city and having to visit every shop just to see what’s inside.


Behold a tribal looking flag:


Nice wouldn’t mind seeing these as like a battle standard or something along the lines

Yes! This! :smiley:

(and thanks - I was having trouble finding an example!)

I was actually originally searching goblin flags as they are amazingly tribal looking but they also just look so shabby.

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Yeah the ork banner was a better example I think … although it does look like he is just trying to dry his shirt ^^

This could work as an example too:

It looks like a banner and giving of this tribal vibe


I’m so happy to see so much Warhammer in one post :joy:


Cool dude,looks amazing!!
But I think the chiseled block look is better for early gameplay, and the banners are better for guilds that have been in the game for a while showing progression.

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That’s a nice idea for progression.

I would prefer it though, if they were profession specific, so a master builder can create the carved blocks, whereas a master tailor / armour crafter (?) could make the flags / banners. These could then be a profitable service for players/guilds with those professions to be earn coin from other players.


I really like the idea of tying the guild decals to progression and professions.
However I still don´t like the idea of banners (Way to generic and overused)

Mentioning the “tribish” tendency of B< once again I´d suggest/prefer something like totem poles as ‘tier 2 guild decal’:

A really simplistic and very barebone idea of how this might look:
(The bottom symbol seems to be the icon for ‘guild’)

Sorry for not including textures, havn´t had enough time to import the B< ones.


That’s really cool! Totems are an awesome idea


how did you get those symbol bricks??