5 words and all of my fears are gone. Looks great!


Although interestingly this would be the only resource in the game without an obvious sync sink. Is this a concern? Should there be a mechanism to take plots out?


Do you mean sink? I think this all depends on what the intended behavior is with beacon permanence. If beacons require fuel of some sort, then I don’t see an issue as inactive player’s beacons will be removed and those areas of the world will be regenerated. If beacons are 100% permanent when placed until otherwise directly removed by a player with the permission to remove it then I think there are going to be some problems.

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This is roughly my thinking as well. And maybe good enough.


I’m still not a “fan” of this idea. While it looks like a temporary “work-around” for the problems of the first iteration, it still looks like a pit hole for new players and abusive guild leaders.

Here is my question: Are player able to gain infinite (but limited [upper limit]) amounts of beacon plots? If yes, there is no problem because every player can compensate the plot lost in a defined time. If no, it’s not longer possible for a player to reach “max plots” because he donated plots to the guild. If your answer is no, how can a player who donated plots to a guild, still be able to leave a guild without losing his plots (or his capability to reach his max plot limit)? If he wants to leave, but no one will kick him, he will most likely become a troll and destroying guilds stuff till somebody kicks him => not a good solution.


I also agree everything looks great except the plot system so far. I like the idea of donating plots to guilds as a means to get guild plots but…

Because of the intricate permission system in order to keep player plots without “kicking” them and refunding, you could instead just destroy their permissions and designate them to a “exiled” faction that has nothing which would essentially remove them from the guild but keep their land.


@Pois0n: This would be an even worse case. I hope there is another / better solution to this.

In the original topic was a suggestion which I like to quote here:

In addition, it would be possible that a player get’s his plots back immediately but the guild get’s a “credit” of plots for a given time (eg. two weeks). Within that time, they can remove plots to “pay back” the credit or, if they don’t pay it back in time, they lose “random” plots.


My concern is the money / coin… when u leave a guild do you forfeit everything you earned while in the guild or all coin. I find this troubling, because a greedy guild leader could just boot people out to keep that earning. I would be ok with losing say 50% of all money/ coin earned while in a guild. Then that brings up this mechanic of how will the game remember what you have earned while in the guild? Can there be a different.coin location for what u earn in guilds?


quite sure that they mean “you forfeit everything that you donated to the guild” and not everything you earned while you were in the guild.



This is where my concern is. Because if you level up in the guild and then get booted are you losing those coins? How then will one truly know which coin will disappear?


@Thorbjorn42gbf: Thanks, didn’t saw that.


I am here to serve. Or that is what the soulbinding contract @Havok40k made me sign says anyway.


I don’t like the name “Factions” to be within a guild. Faction is defined as a dissenting group within a larger one, or two opposing groups. That’s also how it’s been used in other games and situations I’m used to. I like the idea of factions, but could we change the name to something else not denoted as opposing groups?


Maybe Branch instead of Faction? Or Department (although I dont like that one even as I’m writing it). Might be Section maybe?


My 40k Fandom here says it should be “Chapters” though other applicable nouns could be; covens, houses, divisions, companies, wings, branches, councils, or just simply sub-guilds.

@Dr8cK0 it seems as though it would be coin donated to a guild’s coffers or coin you earn for the guild that would remain with the guild, not coin from your own purse.

@Thorbjorn42gbf your duty is eternal. Even in death, we still serve.


I actually love “Chapters”. I second that.


I actually like branches or wings! Branches really make me think of the military.


I just thought about Arms - just think: Newbies Arm, Builders Arm, Miners Arm etc.
sounds quite good me thinks :sunglasses:


I like the word Factions.
Faction before blood. (Divergent quote) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can earn infinite plots/coins then I think there’s no problem that the Guild can keep the plots if someone leaves it. If you donate in real life your money it is gone too. You can’t get it back. But here you can level again to get more plots/coins or get it on other ways.

Black sheeps always exist. But usually you are playing with people you know or who have proven to be good. That’s why you could make a Newbie Faction in the guild if you’re the leader to let other people prove if they want to be a part of the guild for long. And if you’re the member you shouldn’t donate too much until you get into a real Faction.

I like everything that @olliepurkiss wrote. It’s a good plan. But I would also be interested in how you do that when someone leaves.