Yes, you can always gain plots, just as you can always gain coin, so any loss will be recoverable.


Since there’s no plot cap, @olliepurkiss can I please have another 300 plots? :yum:

Not sure how I feel about unlimited plots…


well, in theory unlimited, but then again leveling up slows down with time so gaining new ones is not so easy with time; and you also need a lot of them - to cover building up and down, or even just a long bridge or road require a lot;

there’s time to balance things out and maybe give less plots for each level up - time will tell


I think what they’re saying is plots will be gained from things like repeatable objectives as well.

As the plot gain through levelling is limited - caps at level 50.


The plan is to allow you to level 50 multiple times to earn more plots, so even though you reach max level you can still earn more EXP and level again to earn beacon plots.


Ah ok, hmm, i guess with the amount of worlds planned it will all work out.

I just see people like me conquering worlds with unlimited plots :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like the idea of factions (the naming might be a bit poor, like others already said) but I think they might be more of a situational thing than something that is used in a deliberate way.
I.e. I think it will be much more likely that two established guilds decide to merge, forming a parent/children structure, than it is that one guild grows big enough to feel the need for parent/children structures.
So, would it be possible to implement ‘factions’ in such a way that they allow an established guild to join another one, becoming the parent/children guild?
I think the added convenience would be much appreciated.

The idea of a ‘primary Guild’ also sounds great, especially because it could prevent (or at least lower) “recruitment spam” if you are only able to earn exp for your primary guild.
The possibility of receiving a bonus issued by your primary guild sounds like icing on the :cake:

Considering the overall setting of the game I think that a bit more “tribish” naming might be more fitting-

  • Overseer :arrow_right: Chieftain
  • Captain :arrow_right: Chief Council
  • Worker :arrow_right: Artisan
  • Master of Beacons/Coin/Citizens :arrow_right: Chief of Beacons/Coin/Citizens

A plot sink would be an awesome mechanic.

There might be a loophole in this current setup:

What prevents a player from opening a “dummy guild”, donating his plots into it as soon as he reaches his personal “plot cap”, creating a plot pool that is way bigger than it is intended for a single player?


We are changing it so there isn’t a cap on the number of beacons you can have.


mfw this has been mentioned like 5+ times in this thread and people still haven’t seen it :joy:


I was aware that they plan to remove the cap of how many plots a player can aquire, but there was no mention that they’ll also remove the limit on how many plots a player can have active.


It’d seem silly to remove the limit to one without removing the limit to the other but I guess that’s a fair distinction.


I thought of it as a design decision to encourage plot donation. As having more plots than you can use could encourage players to join collaborative- (guild) activities to put those excess plots into use.

I imagined that prior level 50 each profession lvl-up would grant plots along with increasing the amount of plots one can place and that lvl-ups subsequently to lvl 50 would only grant plots to donate / to make up for plots you already donated.
But apparently this was a misconception on my side.


not the best idea, so you can crash guilds if you want. Enter a guild give them all your beacons, if the used all, now the owner must only leave and maybe he give the guild 200 beacons, the guild has a big problem.if this make 2-3 player at the same time,


This is not the problem of the member, this is a problem of the guild and “bad planning”. Also, the guild got a credit from the “system” and has a defined time (e.g. two weeks) to compensate for the lost.


i must have missed that. that makes me feel great about it, not that im 100% opposed to being in a guild or clan in any game but to know if it doesnt suit me i have options makes me feel better

and im cool with multiple characters


Maybe chambers?

Or let guilds have option to chose. What if game allowed 5-6 (or more) different names for parts of guilds and each guild could pick whatever they like? It would personalise things. One guild would have factions another would go for houses or chambers yet another would pick chapters or divide into branches. Same for guild members titles. Some guilds would have masters other chieftains or presidents. Whatever people decide within a guild.


I like @boundmore 's suggestion to let guilds choose names for their subsections and roles within the guild. A strong Roleplay community would really appreciate the option to name the sections/roles themselves if you hope to attract them to Boundless.

The donated plot thing is difficult to judge, if I really was not happy in a guild, maybe a change of leadership had occurred, or an incident I didn’t agree with, then I would expect to be able to walk away with my plots, other stuff it doesn’t matter, but plots are pretty important.

I like @Heurazio 's idea of the time limit though, definitely knowing I would get my plots all back in 2 weeks would make me happy - and it would allow the Guild I had left time to plan or free up other plots to give back.

I think also consider something like, as guilds level up they get guild plots not linked to a person so they could replace personal plots with guild plots as they expand in size like every 50 members = 1 plot. To maintain those guild plots the guild must keep a certain number of players though. Then a warning was given that the guild couldn’t maintain a plot due to a drop in numbers and it will disappear in 2 weeks. At least that way it would give the leadership chance to change plots around to maintain monuments or other important structures.


I do not like this idea because there is quite a bit of usefulness in knowing how the guild rankings work, and it would be a pain to figure out the new thing each time. Now, if there were numbers associated with each “rank” that were the same in all guilds, then the guilds could choose the name, I wouldn’t mind at all. But, something standard across the guilds, I think, would make things easier.

An example would be:

Guild X: Rank 1: Chieftan Rank 2: Co-Chieftan Rank 3: General
Guild Y: Rank 1:Commander Rank 2: Boss Rank 3: Sleuth

These could be abbreviated however (R1 - Chieftan) people liked. But, the rank would add cross-guild comparison, without detracting from Guild’s freedom to choose.


What the player will need to create a guild? Is it a guild control?
What player will need to make guild control?


Yes, to create or edit a guild you will craft a guild control, place it, and then interact with it to bring up the interface. The guild is independent of the control through, so you can break it and move it somewhere else, or have more than one guild control for a given guild.

You’ll craft it. We’ve not worked out the details yet, but I imagine it will be using reasonably common materials.