I love pretty much everything about the Guilds & Factions mentioned. However…

The only thing that concerns me is the plot situation. It’s a bit difficult right now to change plots around, sometimes they are hard to find, sometimes they are next to someone else or hold something important like a main road…

You say that if someone is kicked or leaves a guild, their plots go with them. This seems fair, but is it fair to everyone in the Guild that wakes up to a missing road, missing portals, etc?

It could be used to grief a Guild: Join up >> donate plots >> be malicious to get kicked out >> plots are gone with their contents. If this stays like this, I don’t see myself accepting any donated plots. :thinking:


Lol i didnt bother to read this post cuz im gonna bet they’ve changed their minds on a lot of things. I should probably read it anyway but this meme seemed to fit well :joy:


what about “fractures” for the guild factions. it’s parts of the one guild. but there all different


I think you have a very valid concern here. What mechanics will be implemented to prevent this type of behaviour?

Although they did mention a players plots had to be returned to the player that donated them.

So aguiod would have to replace the plots of the player they wanted to kick first therefore preserving the contents in the plots?


I feel that guilds inside of guilds will make the system convoluted.

A robust permissions systems should meet all the goals here. Just my opinion.


Went back to read OP. Im curious as to what they kept and what was scrapped. Not sure if beacon permissions were a thing in 2017 already or added after this post was originally made


Does this mean they would replace regular plots? If so, do you get regular plots back?

Is a Guild plot special or does it provide more prestige?

Can you use regular plots to start the Guild?

When you create a Guild are you granted a starter pack of Guild plots (ie: 4)?


Well hopefully you can do this without interacting them. Its alrdy a hassle to organize plots cause of the timezones


Will Guilds be implemented this year?


I would guess it’s the next patch probably after holiday.


let me know if you find anything on this. its floogle.


According to the roadmap it seems like it will be implemented in the next patch.


Yes. They are pushing hard to release before Christmas based on conversations I have had with them. But, I don’t know where they are or any of the code challenges so clearly we have to wait and see if they complete what they feel is needed to actually release it.


Can we just say soon


Yes SOON - Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!


Haha! Yolo!


Hi well said,I’m like your good self in happy playing solo I’m always in control of all I do in boundless or any other game,I trust only myself but I still am happy chatting to anyone passing by me,as I’m easy going n can get on with anyone genuinely friendly.But I like to be in control of my things n doing my own thing.Im no hermit I can easily talk to any kind soul but I have to be in full control of my own stuff beacons building everything,And in real life I’m the same.I don’t trust other people especially in games so I think its vetter for me to just play by myself that way I don’t get into arguments or silly squabbles and there’s no pressure upon me to go and do what someone else wants me to do,I’m enjoying boundless at the moment but if I’m forced in anyway to be with others in a guild or anyway then it will put me off the game.I like you like a little distance.If in real life I was proper friends with someone then I’d still want control of all I’m not a follower I always do my own thing.Just saying I totally get where your coming from.Thanks for highlighting your thoughts.Have a fun day from cosmiccori :):sunglasses:The only players I trust are my alternate characters they are and will be my neighbours and I can get alot done when I’ve levelled them all up.If I have to have to be a guild myself then I’m adding all my alts …and only answer to myself…lol just how I like it! I dont mind having my own guild as I’m warden of my town (solo player …I will be happy just with my alts I’m good with that.


Two years ago mechanic of plot giving was different from one we have now. In past amount of plots was limited, so if player’s plots was hold under guild control when he left out, that player could left without plots.

Now it’s possible to obtain new plots after it was donated into guild. So I think now players will not get its own plots back when they leave guilds.


I think if you are kicked out of a guild, you get your plots back, if you drop being in a guild then you do not get your plots back. I think this stops guilds from exploiting players.



I went to this post and replied before noticing it was more than 2 years old, silly me for not checking.

But maybe not include links to posts that are this old for a current discussion, or at least a warning to say it’s an old post, so may still not be relevant.