Art: Guild Control concept

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The place where you manage your guild. Fancy.


I’m always a fan of bookstands where the part which holds the book is a bit bigger than the book it’s holding.


Albhabet for reference:
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james austin
(aka @james)

(Probably @blake)

(this being @michaelb though I have no idea how to split the name)

(aka @Ben )

(ooh I think my developer name knowledge is begining to set out her, @dave? maybe?)



Loving the concept art of the first 2 (first image). They look amazing :smile:

Awesome awesome AWESOME!!

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Updated the post, I get the feeling I am going to end up tagging all the devs…


Awesome, we’re finally getting some guild stuff! Added this to the collection.

This is pretty cool,I’m so excited to own and control my own guild. This will be the gate way to my own empire!

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Looks like its voting time to me!

Pick the ones you like most:

You should set it to 2 options, instead of 6.

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The last one have a nicer book…

I fear that may cause somewhat of a bias.

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I like the way that book looks, but IMO it looks too aged to be a guild’s ledger. Would be a great style for some ancient books, though

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I LOVE the design

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@Thorbjorn42gbf, you are right.

Page 1:

James Austin
Blake Maltby - @blake
Nicola Nehm - HR
Michael Braithwaite - @michaelb
Ben Furneaux
David Fooks - @dave
Yota Wada - @yota
Simon Moore - CEO
Luca Deltodesco

Page 2:

Gerry Jacobs
Ollie Purkiss
Jessica Hyland
Marc Veiga - @mveiga

Andy Davidson - @AndyD
Claudio Tolomei
Volong Tran - @vdragon
Jim Southworth - @jsouthworth

@Minyi, I sure you did a mistake:


Well spotted.

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Sorry for the necro of a 3 year old thread but seeing as we’ve just had the Guilds introduced with the Empires update, these concept images have once again become very relevant.

I really love the design of some of the pedestals in the pics at the top of this thread and that’s the reason for the necro. Any chance we could be seeing any of these in game any time in the near future?

The guild book is a unique asset that I feel deserves a unique pedestal. It would be awesome to see these make it into the game. :slight_smile:


bumping post, as soon as i pulled it up my first thought was “oh man when can we get more pedestal options these are awesome”

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Indeed, that book is cool but if it went with some kind of a Base that would be of different color, depending on blocks used in crafting, that would be just superb.

Atm I’m displaying it on a plinth surrounded by an altar-like build. Yeah it’s cool to find ways to make it look good, but a ready pedestal would be so cool and would also inspire some more creative thinking among builders.

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