Gyosha Gleamstead now open!

I got a store at gyosha a while ago! who wants to shop for gleam there? we have a few hun d red k worth of old exoworld gleam (very hard to have acess too. Supply and demand) and some cheaper new exoworld gleam! Who wants to satasfy their gleam cravings? Well come on down!
Its at 19 Nebula Lane. The site of the old pandaria shop. We decorated it with spiders!


I don’t know how to get there. Please say what coordinates are.

If you search gleam in the knowledge tab you can use the tracker for the buy from tab to get there

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I can update this with coords later, but the Gyosha Gleamstead is at address 19 on Nebula Lane :slight_smile: (this is on the north side of the mall)


@aaron5 just hit up the Portal Seeker Biitula hub and on the main level where the planet portals are you will see behind them Gyosha Mall… hope this helps :slight_smile:

EDIT: Gyosha Mall portal in PS Biitula is behind the Lamblis portal to the left


Found it thankyou.