Halloween Event Idea

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Hi all, I had a couple ideas for Halloween 2019 that I’d really like to share!

First off, I was a big fan of the snowball fights and gleambows. The whole meteorite spawn model is a proven way to bring the action only to those who want it, so it’s natural for that to become a go-to for events. My thought, however, is to create a way to bring mobs to us… with a classic zombie apocalypse.

Set aside the technical aspects of making it work. Obviously we can’t have mobs attacking people who don’t want to be attacked, so there would need to be some workarounds. Maybe a place-able totem in your beacon with a minimum plot limit to prevent farming, or a qualifying item in your inventory? Anyway, I just want to pitch the idea/scenario for now.

Clear MC zombies and all those cliche 8-bit zombie survival games from your mind- sorry to any big fans of the genre, I’ve never played them and just think there are too many -and think Boundless. I’m picturing the freakish vampire creatures from the movie Daybreakers. Give them a random selection of our characters’ available skills, in terms of speed, power, high jump etc.

  • We have to craft silver melee weapons that only work on them (like snowballs) or silver slingbows.
  • They can appear in small groups or bigger flocks, maybe depending on beacon size or amount of participants present.
  • Most would be the Oortianoid type but there can be zombie versions of standard mobs too. Spitters could hit you with debuffs to slow you down while the zombies surround you.
  • The highest level attack has a boss at the end (vampire lord?), which could add some lore as they could be a more intelligent mob with a grudge.
  • Event items are dropped by mobs and collected from the boss.

My favorite idea for this is the big event reward. One side of the event provides pieces you need to build an operating table. Once this is complete, you need drops from zombies- small, medium, and large limbs that are relatively in-tact. You bring the required items to the operating table and … ITS ALIVE! You get your very own Frankenstein. Would be super cool if it could bop around your beacon like a mob, but I’d even be pumped if it were just an animated stationary guy you can place. Then when you’re tired of it, you can either return it to the operating table as an inanimate decoration or smash the operating table and the Frank would disappear with it.

Anyway, I have some more in-depth thoughts on it but this post is long so I’ll leave it at this!


I didn’t even finish reading the post I’m in.

EDIT: Went back and finished the post and it’s a very cool idea. At one point early on I tried to trap some mobs into my build as pets - I was so disappointed when they despawned lol.