Halloween Tips - Don't want to miss out this Halloween?

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Hello Boundless inhabitants! Hope you’re getting ready for a weekend of Boundless and Spooky Seeds :smiley:

I have made a short video just showing some tips for people who may not know what they should be doing during this Halloween Event Week. If you already know, share your tips! :wink:

Any cool Halloween screenshots? Or do you have a shop location for the special items that you want to share? Don’t hesitate to throw it down in the comments :slight_smile:

Hope you can find this useful, or share it with someone who might! :smiley:


Farmed on Finata last evening and got like 60 seeds in 1-1.5h. Keep in mind that my goal was to explore the planet regions and not the seeds but I saw a lot of roseta nox flowers.

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Awesome, thats quite a good yield for not specifically farming them :slight_smile: Are you going to making thme into lanterns, sell them, or keep in your storage as limited item points? :wink:

Most likely will give them to a friend, he’s gonna decide about it. :slight_smile:

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Always best :laughing:

“Here have a 2 minute tip video, when I could have just posted the tips instead” :wink:

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Videos are much more fun then a wall of text.


I do not discriminate against those who cannot read :wink:


Sadly, while you’re joking on that subject, I tend to believe it sometimes heh.