Hammer Versatility?

Decided to go mining for a change and the dirt blocks are very annoying.
Got accepted to a guild with this thing on (old guild is gone anyway) but I can’t test it until its refreshed.
q1: how much does it cost the guild? I cant find a reference to all the guild buffs, 1 2 and 3 please.
I just know its 25 50 75 percent respectively.
q2: does it affect gravel? When looking at older posts some imply it does and some imply it doesnt.


If i remeber correctly its only good on low tier planet. It wont break gravel dirt on t5 and higher. Imo it’s not as good as it sounds.

Seems like its indeed going to be out of reach 1 shotting gravel on high tier but would still like to know if gravel is affected, 1 shot on rock is 4 hits on gravel for me…

Gravel and sand are affected by Hammer Versatility. I love it. It might be a two hit, with a good hammer… but I prefer this buff because I use it ALL the time. :smiley:

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Same as Chicula said with a good hammer on T7 usually 2 hits on gravel sand. But saves wear on the hammer so I like it.
As far as cost
Minor runs 5500
Greater runs 40000
Mega runs 160000

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Thank you very much ^.^

Hmm think this would be worth it?

its an emerald hammer with lvl 7 dmg and lvl 8 crit effect and 3x3

with str 5 brew and hammer versatile 2, you 2 hit gravel, 1 hit rock. OR 40% of the time crit the whole 3x3.

Gona be a slow slow swing rate without speed brew…and I probably need a crit pie to make it 60% of the time.

I made one but I cant test run it yet.

unfortunately didnt get enough dmg to 2 shot gravel on t7 without crits… it can crit it with versatile 3 though if I did math right?

Sounds like you might need to peek at your setup of skills. I tend to run T7 Ruby or Diamond tools; Ruby for speed, Diamond for durability and power. I use str brews with the ruby, but then speed brews with the diamond. I haven’t ever run crit on a hammer.

This is my miner setup:

Not sure if that helps. There are a variety of setups, but this works well for me.


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I wanted to try 1 shotting the gravel though XD
so it makes a nice 3x3 hole.

I suppose not worth it? due to lack of swing speed / sustain?

For me the sacrifice of speed would not be worth it… too many things to do and I became spoiled by speed. :smiley:


Yeah, sitting at 85 speed is kinda slow.
I already forged it though so I can test drive it regardless, only 1 hammer XD.
I basically wanted a seam hammer but couldnt get enough power easily for that either.

edit: math error deleted part of post

Do you say this due to having to 2-hit with the ruby?

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yes, for sand and gravel.

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