Hand Me Downs

I am not begging for stuff here. But if you are leaving the game with not intentions of returning pass whatever might be useful down to others.



this is something i can agree with. There are many people that leave the game and leave all of their things to reclaim. You might as well let your friends/guild make use of your resources if you plan on never coming back.

When my dad stopped playing he gave me his materials so I can put them to use instead of it all going to waste. pretty thankful he did that


I’ve given out what I could…


U da best @ardele

Would be nice if the devs could allow for physical plot transfers like cubits ect- some players have 20,000 plots that can’t be transferred to friends when they depart the game- seems silly to me

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Devs can technically transfer them Ive heard …

I mean actual transfer of the physical plots and cubits from the player account not just the beacon plots and the contents in it.

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That’s what I’m going through I have 36000 and it’s hard transition. Plus I’m giving 45mil in coin and all my stuff to EZPZ


Just glad its going somewhere so many people quitting I can only imagine how much stuff was wasted

And 45mil coin dear lord I need coins! lol

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Love your work brother, /salute

I dished out 30m and quite a lot of items. I was somewhere between a break and quitting due to concern over games future and IRL work.

Figured give away stuff I didn’t need to return and carry on.

Others should too

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One of my old guild leaders gave me all his stuff when he quit. I was struggling to find advanced mats until then. That was almost 2 years ago and I haven’t seen him since.

Yeah I feel like that giving away stuff to existing players is a good idea if u leave maybe leave enough for u so u could set up again worst case

If I was to leave, I’d donate all my stuff except for some ornate gleam chests and some gleambow totems. Honestly, that’s all I’d need to come back with. :wink:

I am not going to play anymore. I am willing to donate all my stuff to someone. Dimitri was my in game name.


I won’t beg but I’ll be around til the lights turn off along with Cookie Kingdom being around til the end also just be one of the biggest city’s one day boop


I won’t say what all I’ve given out, those that have received know, but more will come as time progresses and builds fade away of mine. I agree in passing items and coin to friends and that’s what I’ve done as well. Currently awaiting for beacon transfers then for Gleam club to run out, then it will be emptying the reclaims and dishing out the leftovers.
But I agree, all my plots are wasted and wish they could be transferred to others that play. I have well over 20-25K plots between my characters.


Well I’d be willing to donate some coin and oort shards your way. Let me know where/when you want to meet and I’ll stop by.

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I’m on cicarpoua and grovia teh as well :laughing: