Happy 3rd Birthday Boundless! What was your favorite experience in Boundless this year?

Geez are we already on the third birthday of boundless? I still remember release T-T guess the best part was returning to the game this year after a long break! So still looking to make those amazing memories lol


I also loved when i 1st made mall security some players thought it was a real security guard for the game, and some thought they could try to be my boss with out paying me.that didn’t own the mall,locking up players on my friends list in my 2 jails and when they come back from being afk and noticed they messed by afk when i am online. I will get you one day @DJDancecraft .


@glr If you wish to catch me, train for a hundred years.

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3rd already? Wow that went quick!! I still remember the spike in population and having to wait in line to portal to another world, cause many of them were completely full!

Or being in EA getting in to the game a couple of weeks before actual release to get an early start on developing towns, portal networks, and shops.

It’s Soo awesome seeing many of you who started at release, before, or shortly after STILL hanging out!!!


Happy Birthday Boundless :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Thx to all WHO are playing this Game and let me having fun with you specially on the hunts .


I would honestly suggest you stop by and take a look. I was on Raxxa recently and visited the Raxxian Sanctuary. It’s fantastic! Also there is a new bridge that is beautifully done.
I wish I had stayed on Raxxa and built next to the Sanctuary…

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That is wonderful news to hear! I’m happy that you found someone that completes you like this.
Also, I love the additions to the Sanctuary :smiley:


thank you @tarranth thankyou so much, and there’s more to come at some point first to finish 1st project ^^

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Moving back to Trior was the best thing next to doing an 18-hour hunt marathon. Yes, I did all 18 hours. Went through 3 controller and 2 headsets.



I just started playing in June 2021 and I find myself wishing that I’d known this game existed when it released.
I have very much enjoyed getting to know the community and have already felt the pangs of sadness when some players have gone on breaks, but I wouldn’t trade my days getting to know everyone for anything.
My favorite thing so far was the Ladies’ Night Marathon hunt and the 2 fantastically chaotic gleambow hunts that I’ve taken part in so far :grinning:
It’s been more than fun for both my husband (Felos) and myself and we are just getting started!


A much needed fresh start with good friends. :blush:

Well I’ve spent most of this year hidden underground building the slums and getting wild on voice with the GTG crew. So I guess my favourite experience has been making some new friendships and continuing some old ones I guess. So cheers to those people. You know who you are!:beers::beers::beers:


Pinkies out :rofl:

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Learned its just best to move on…

Happy Birthday! as tradition I’m a few days late (haha, was a few days late joining at launch too). My favorite experience this year was probably, seeing my original (lofty at the time 3 years ago now) idea for my store be fully realized. The single store built like a mini mall experience was my original vision for Fif Land, and I’m happy I finished building it before I stepped away from boundless back in May.

I’ve had lots of memories and Boundless helped me get through some depression I traveled through (although I didn’t know it was depression at first). I’m thankful the game and community was there when I needed the escape, and I hope it is there for anyone else who needs it in the future.