Happy 3rd Birthday Boundless! What was your favorite experience in Boundless this year?

It’s the 3rd Anniversary of the official launch. What has Boundless meant to you this year? What has been your favorite experience, screenshot, or video? I think the team could use some good vibes :metal: :boundless:


A Very Very Happy Birthday to Boundless!! :smiley:

It has been a MASSIVE help and escape through some really tough times, both the game and the friendships I’ve made in it. This last year has been the most brutal of my life… lost my mom to COVID in February - third close relative in four years I lost - and handling the practical side of things been a nightmare. I actually don’t know if I could have kept it together if I couldn’t escape into games.

So many good memories while playing, a lot of stuff related to rentals and all. But the most important/touching memory, though for a sad reason, was Aenea’s memorial - how we came together as a family during this. As much as it hurt to lose her, Boundless gave me the chance to have that friendship, and I know how much Boundless meant to her as well. Also working on some memorial projects for her and my mom in the game meant a lot to me.

Love you all! :heart:



Best experience this year?

After a break due to IRL troubles.
I finally felt like playing again.
Logged in, joined a hunt.
Within a few moments I got grappled outa nowhere.
Theres Darthpain jumpin like a fool laughin in the corner.

Honestly never spoke to the person, but every hunt for who knows how long they continue to say hello month after month.

Thought that was pretty cool :+1:

[Lack a screenshot, my apologies.]


Sovereign planets that came out around this time last year if I remember correctly… That was the best Boundless time IMO. Sorry, no screenshots.


@majorvex is that the inside of Lil’ Porkchop’s guild hall… if so thankies… never had anything from our city ever been filmed :blush:


Yes, it was one of the places I visited recently. The area has grown so much from the last time I visited!

I will be posting more full vids when I’m able to. :wink:


my best experiences are to have met such a nice player base, the community is unique and supportive
as much as we all have sometimes some issues going on in-game and in real boundless stays boundless
and not to forget to have met my now girlfriend (future wife to come) @May-L04 and less than 2 weeks left before our little boy Benjamin is being born. such experiences are rare, and I’m happy to enjoy them.
I’m still playing boundless even when I’m on a ‘‘break’’ I stepped away from the community project business.
in all those playing years I always fully focused on others, not myself, not being able to finish my own projects. millions of coins a week went into making others happy. even then there was hardly any appreciation like it was normal to do what I did. :man_shrugging:(not just me but many others too)
things had to change. I will always be that helping person for everyone but I also focus on my own enjoyment now. overall I’m happy with what I did it was a good experience.
as some of you know already I moved fully to raxxa giving the raxxian sanctuary a rebirth, make it known and let others enjoy the beautiful creation from @Goblinounours and his buddy @Malentir
also to make raxxa great again so far i have people build around the sanctuary (with a certain distance i plotted around it to protect the raxxian sanctuary’s beauty. i also have people open portals already! i thank them for that also I kept my farm planets and keep fueling them. access is from the sanctuary too! (still need to open the portals to it) and not to forget raxxian sanctuary is the capital of raxxa now. also soon a nice hub area to come from the awesome @BabyCookie

thanks boundless and the community for the awesome experiences i have achieved so far


@majorvex not much has been done in almost a year… most of my group have taken a break… finally got one to come back and play but hubby and daddy duties keep him away lol… If you are going to be putting up more videos then I need to stop being lazy and finish the rest of my base… only major addition is in the farm area but that still needs to be finished lol :stuck_out_tongue:


If they drop the update soon, I definitely will start making videos again. Was planning on doing a few here & there anyways, like the last one I posted. Also thinking of doing a little something to help bring in some new players. We’ll see. :blush:


This is the first yr I’ve played lol


Wait u got engaged

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That’s crazy to hear! I’m super happy to know that you managed to do what we couldn’t.
I’m curious to know if things have visually changed, if you made some new builds and stuff.
You’re making me want to log back in to check it out. ^^
Congratulations. :wink:


My favorite thing on boundless was when I first started playing and was in awe of a game that you had to build with survival to it and the progression of working my way to building with higher prestige blocks.


i loved the ezpz event was so fun looking for hidden coins


Well, I think today is finally the day :+1:
:boundless: Happy Third Boundless Birthday :boundless: every one :cake: :tada: :confetti_ball:


Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Long live Boundless!


don’t think I have a singular fav experience but certainly just been grateful to play this game (and looking forward to writing the same thing next year :crossed_fingers: :sweat_smile:)
have completed several builds (well, almost…still keep adding and tweaking but isn’t that always the way) in the past year and just starting a new big build which is fun, as well as leveling far too much.
Boundless be forever boundless :+1:


Happy Birthday Boundless!


So yes, as an EZPZ member, it is EZ for me to recall my most enjoyed moments! The endurance Hunt Marathon was (after 4 years of playing) what finally made me a millionaire! Then the “Drop Party”, which set me up for a long time on a bunch of things I use regularly! Shout out to @KArios and @whitelet, as well as @Plentymore for keeping this game :100:


tbh I have many great memories this year. one of them would definitely be the stamp hunt. Never thought about this event would be that popular but many players came to me and said they enjoyed it. And I gotta say they are good at finding prizes :joy: As for the drop party, my heart is warm when knowing the gifts actually helped some players, or they are using the gifts to help more new players. Sometimes I feel I gained more giving away than receiving. :relaxed: I love this community