Harassment Problem

I see @May-L04’s point. I was taken by surprise and frustrated and didn’t react properly. My apologies.

I would pre-plot everything I plan to use and then, depending on my level of self control at the time, either completely ignore them or play stupid to harass them.

You could also @ Leahlemoncakes if you want dev attention, I believe she was handling this person on the forums in the last day or so.


Better report this with those screenshot directly @Leahlemoncakes and @james in a direct message. They have been active against that bs on the forum and now it just spreads further onto the game. We had also some harassment in game at night. The more people report, the more likely we get the devs attention and they can see how to deal with that situation


How is he going to “fight you” in a game which doesn’t have any PvP?

Just block him, ignore him and move on. There is no need to justify your presence, or explain why you don’t want to move, or anything else. The reason he is spamming you with messages is because there isn’t anything else he can do.


Did he surround you with plots and is now boxing you in? If yes, report that to the devs immediately, @james can come and remove those plots for you.

Not that you should have to move to one, but this is just another reason I love sovereigns. I don’t have to deal with people like this.

Sorry about 24carat. He’s been acting up lately. Seems like he wants the spot you’re building on. You should report him to the developers directly instead of posting to the forums.

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I’m not completely sure even if one can just send a picture like that with the name of the player revealing… it’s a known problem already so is it counting as name-shaming if the person damaged its own reputation already online? Maybe someone knows more about that :thinking: :face_with_monocle: just wondering :woman_shrugging: I’m curious what people think about that. Anyways, it’s good that @Qu4zaR reaches out for the in-game issues, but better handled as a PM directed to the developers. To avoid any further drama. ^^ Wish everyone a nice day :slight_smile:

Edit: After all this player said online on the forum, further reputation damage is in my opinion unnecessary, he has even after all that happened still human dignity and his rights. So censoring the name when it comes to sensitive content like that would have been a better choice… we still know who it is about even without the gamertag showing. Just my honest opinion as a person that tries to stay neutral, fair and respectful.


After reviewing most of what went down over the past few days, @24carat reminds me of a disgruntled mother goose needlessly defending its nonexistent babies from every threat imaginable… and here I thought I was edgy after a few beers, lol



In the current state of the game and lack of dev input on the forums or at least lack of immediate response I am ok with people posting about players that are harassing other players even if I don’t fully agree with the post.

It allows me to jot down a name or two of people whom to avoid.


I’m Just Here to Support Ma Family Boop :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:


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