Just wanna say I’m glad I didn’t close this thread now. Trolls will get what they deserve eventually, even the persistent ones that keep coming back. They can’t be allowed to win.


Um i think you need at least experience once, you will know how the troll looks like.
All the thing you mention is really nothing.
A “Pro Trolls” they bring you surprise daily.
So basically you won’t only see one thing you don’t like by a same troll.
They always comes out the idea you will never think about lol.
As the one i had experienced.

  1. he plotted entire areas on the west side of the city to block us expand in future and build a lot of ugly ■■■■ for 6 - 8 hour and removed said its a joke.
  2. After that he black mail me said don’t forget the feeling about what he have done, and he may do it again.
  3. He comes to our city everyday followed everyone throw tons of totem when you are building, so your inventory will get tons of totem all the time.
  4. He follow everyone keep knock down the ground to make noise.
  5. He was trying to find anyways to setup a spot to build 1m prestige in 1 night, to take down the warden and change the city name to other name.
  6. He created an alt to pretend the new players want to join the group.

If none of the things he done above not against the coc. I may surprise what kind of rules they have lol.

He repeat all this ■■■■ for 1 month. Can you believe that ? 1 ■■■■■■■ month.
If i didn’t rage quit at that time, it will be 2 months i believe.

And i am the one who needs to figure out how to deal with these shits all day.

  • spend 100 + plots to protect our city.
    ( was going to use those plot for my build and other project)

This why i said a pro troll can bring you different surprise everyday.

When a troll has ability to build 1m prestiges in 1 night its really hopeless lol
1 night 1m, 1 week = 7m prestige.
Who the ■■■■ can compete with that if we have normal thing to do in real life lol

Sorry, when i try to remember this thing, i still feel extremely mad about it.
At that moment our town had around 4m prestiges already, so we couldn’t restart everything at other place again.
We spent one month to get 30 - 35 active players in city, and had a lot of great design there.
We didn’t have that kind of luxury choice.

But i am really sure this guy already break at least couple rules for sure.
What devs did , again i still appreciate they spend their time pop up and trying to understand what happened,
But the result is unbelievable, the dev can only gave him a warning after all the things he have done to us.
Just a warning lol .

Dev said if this guy keep trolling, they will ban him.
(I doubt they ever ban any troll in the game so far. )
After the troll received the warning mail he became even more aggressive and mad, he poped up even more and tried his best way to find out the spot we miss to build the prestige for the name change.

A few days later, guild drama happen, + the troll reason + i was tired and decide to quit the game.
After one month break, i return to the game and find out that that troll still in the game.
He also told me that he didn’t want to make me angry to quit the game.

Sorry, but i believe most cases, they win.


That is extremely horrendous what’s happened.,to you my heart goes out to you.After all that hes done he should be banned already! The problem is that the devs have purposely made this game so players can be competitive and try to take over a city and get to be warden so this is gonna bring trolls out to play the game because they know they can try to block you expanding and really they can plot anywhere and it’s not against any rules apart from plotting on ya doorstep.When your trying to build n he kept spamming the totem he should of been banned for that as hes in ya face deliberately.I gotta say the rules suck if hes just had a warning it needs to be stricter.If you have video evidence showing what hes doing then it can be proved and they will have to ban him be ause all evidence is there.Whdn I had problems with a guy I videoed his actions and photographs of where he build his portal so the devs couldn’t ignore it the facts were there to see.Im on ps4 so it’s good I can video any bad apples luckily.If this happened to me I would point out the rules to the devs and ask for a written explanation as to why hes not been banned.Have a great day tomorrow n I hope 2019 is better for ya


Is there a report option for chat messages in the game already or in the update to chat that’s coming? One common thread I see in all these stories is that the griefer messages the other players and very clearly states their malicious intent. Should be able to report those messages (and the recent convo) to the devs. The new chat system will hold offline messages for 30 days or something, so it should be very easy now for them to hold onto reported conversations for review.

Next thing I see a lot is totem spamming. I can’t name one public event I’ve been at where someone didn’t start totem spamming. Literally every hunt I’ve been on, events at people’s beacons, etc. This is done with totems because they stack at 9 and can be crafted for no cost at any time. There will never be a way to report or moderate this behavior so the game rules have to be changed to stop this. I suggest making it so unaugmented, unforged totems which are thrown on the ground are never seen by other players. They can always make their own from the UI if they want one so why would a player ever need to throw one? They can still trade them if they ever need to, for some crazy reason.

Next on the list I see a lot of digging out the ground under players. If you mute a player the game should make sure they unfollow you and can no longer follow you with their radar. Then you could just shake them with a quick sanctum trip and warp to the local PS hub. If you find something else to do for 15 minutes they won’t sit there waiting for you they’ll move on to the next sucker. Presumably you were away from home already, because the griefer doesn’t have permissions on your plots to dig them out in the first place. When we all start muting them and warping away, then they will learn that kind of griefing is pointless.

Devs are having a hard time figuring out how to take punitive action, maybe they can invest for now in some preventative action for the more popular harassment techniques.


The bottom line though, instead of the Devs needing to waste time coding anti-troll mechanics it’d be much more efficient to just address the habitual troll. Add to Code of Conduct “No Trolling,” so that they can’t say, “Well the CoC doesn’t specifically say I can’t do X, Y and Z…”


This is way to ambiguous, I feel the definition of what is trolling and what is not, can be quite subjective from person to person and there are some people who will call something “trolling” just because they don’t like/agree with the situation when there is nothing wrong, and therefore is not a clear rule and most likely shouldn’t be added as stated.

Also the CoC already haves a blanket term for such thing

I don’t think the problem is the CoC. but the lack of staff to go thru the reports in a timely manor, and no
good system in place for following up. Reports should be done in a support ticket style system. which this game doesn’t even have a ticket system at all.

The other problem is I think players disagree with devs/GMs definition with what is considered “blocking someone in”


Yeah, I don’t want to see a lot of staff resources getting sucked into policing trolling. Everybody needs to just play nicely together. As far as boxing in goes, people can’t lay claim to lands they were too lazy to plot, but if someone goes out of their way to plot a wall of plots around your city that couldn’t realistically suit any build needs, that’s griefing. Or if you build in the middle of a city and people plot all around you, that is to be expected in a city. And guilds will make it so that not being warden is no longer the end of the world.


Maybe they should consider looking into assigning in game moderators to assess a situation, give out warnings and collect information/videos/screen shots to provide to the Devs to make bans.

All PS4 systems have the ability to screenshot so you would just have to make sure the in game moderators are knowledgable and in good character.


Sorry for your experience, but at least the troll got owned and mad about it. Count it as a victory :grin:


its not real better

but on the opposite you push people out of the forum because no one do something thats not real better, if you ban(time or perma, or just make that he only can read) 1 player you lost 1 person if you not ban him you lost most time more people,i stopped reading active this forum because to much annoying people here.

and i play this game since it called oort online, and i was before every day 1-2 hour in the forum. now i look every few weeks 1 time in the forum for some minutes.

ps: I do not want a discussion here, that’s my opinion and it will not change.If anyone who wants to say something to me, call me privately


I really don’t count it as victory.
I was mad too, and tried so hard to stop all these things.
Seriously, the dev really need to do something about it.

Right now their coc is basically protect troll instead of friendly players who just want to play this game in normal way.
People who troll others never give a ■■■■ about their account.
They can keep trolling others until he get ban. (but sadly, it may takes 2 month - 3 months or never)

But as normal players, we do care about the things we build, and the current coc basically just take off the way for us to protect ourself.

Really dumb.


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I got ya. I think it has a lot of leeway so the mod team can take action at their discretion, but right now it does take what seems like forever for a response. :disappointed:


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