Harbor, docks, pontoon


Has anyone created any large scale harbours/docks that I could visit to steal inspiration from?


I’m currently working on a harbour. It at the moment has a ship docked and a few buildings along the dock but I’m building a dock house.


Would you mind posting a screenshot, or let me know location?



I’ve just built a modest sized ship docked at my main base with the intention of adding pontoons etc in the future, nothing particularly grand at the moment.


Yup! GreyArt247 builded a nice old-style wood version.
Don’t forget to add some crates laying around and mooring dicks (plinth).

By the way, I have never seen a contemporary version, with metal/concrete, huge container ship docked, wave breakers and cranes.

I may try it one day. (probably in a remote place…just in case it’s a failure :sweat_smile:)


Some nice ideas here, thank you


That would be a great large scale project :grin:


I’m currently working on one as well. I kind of wanted it to be a small harbor and a whole armada of boats of varying sizes. I just recently started it though. I’ve got a portal to it on Flan. Right now it’s just half of a big ship though haha.


There used to be a cool shipping area with crates and cranes in the town across the bridge from Gellis Prime. Been off world a lot recently so haven’t been over that way in a few months.

They used machine decos but didn’t put 4 together so that they stay in crate form. Gives you a lot of control over color and some logos to display, but eats up your mesh count.