Hard As Nails 2 Buff Bugs


OK so two bugs here… first when i try to forge a rank 1 Hard As Nails it comes out as rank 2…

And Second when i equip the bow its durability is constantly drained when equipped O.o

also from my other support post… maybe related?

oh… and when i forge a rank 2… i get rank 1 O.o

Testing 222 un-chisel boon not listed in tool-tip

so I’ve found that the bow only takes damage when I’m close to my power coils… luckily the coils aren’t taking damage

Edit: and they have to be active coils (attached to a machine)


The first bug is already fixed (you’ll see it on the next release).
Thanks for digging into the second. We knew something must be damaging you, but I have to admit I was scratching my head trying to work out what it could be.