Hard crash

So i was removing water, i try to give the Setup.
1 Line of Stone blocks in place, like 10 Long.
Water on the same Level as the Stone blocks, next row.
Placing glass to get rid of water, coming to end of line, crash.
@vdragon i will try to consistingly reproduce it and come back here if it happens more then once.

Crash Dump submitted, character Name is FayaAOP, world besevrona.

I’m having this issue too, It has happen 3 times since this last update.
Blue Screen. All in a 5 minutes period. I submitted crash report (ps4)
Character Name: WhatEver

We are looking into it

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Thank you.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

@FayaAOP Are you lagging? Just curious cus I didn’t have the lag intill the update and I really can’t do anything.

Sorry m8, no lag. My ping is between 48 and 52 as useal.

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Ok. Thanks… I’m just going to restart everything at my end to see if it helps out.

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Good luck!

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No luck. My character is doing the hoke-pokie
I can’t even move… Unplayable connection.
I unplugged everything and restarted modem, ps4 and still the same thing.
My internet connection is real good. 68d 5.8u

I went and started 2 other games and no lag. Just Boundless.
Well I will take a break for an hour and come back to see if resolved. ( i hope )

I take it you Play on a Server close to where you Play from, so that should not be a deal. Maybe ps Needs longer to fully update?

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Just got on and no lag at all. I’m Glad. :slight_smile:

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@dave To the Developers.

Just wanted to let you know that I didn’t have any crash all day yesterday.
Good Thing, Not sure what you guys did but Thanks