Harvest Era - High Res Key Art

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Farming update is now out! Here are the high res versions of the key art. Thanks to the team for the great feedback and getting this to where it is now!

Art- https://www.minyiofficial.com/
Title by Rob Kerr - https://www.robertkerr.me.uk/


Neat to recognize some builds in the background, like the clock tower on the left.


I can spot some famous buildings in the background:

Middle Right : Bone’s Chateau Excelsior on Maryx
Left side : Clocktower on Eresho, PS HQ on Gros Te


Wait… did they do this with the other releases as well?


Thank you for including my Chateau in your art work , I’m truly humbled and of course looking forward to exploring all the new additions to our Boundless universe … The extra footfalls won’t hurt either lol.


I really feel like these capture the essence. I just wish I had these in blacklight poster in my gaming room!


AYYEEE, My illuminoorti HQ Tower on Biitula :100:

Honored to be in the official artwork


Im glad to see my chain covered house in this picture… kind of embarassed though, I never got to finish the chiselling since I made it in February.


Absolutely beautiful, my compliments!! :smiley: Particularly love the color usage, eye candy to me. :heart_eyes:


Only once with the full release back in September :slight_smile:


It’s really cool that you guys do that. It’s such a subtle but awesome nod!


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