Harvest tool

Adding a special tool that when you harvest you only get the crops and seeds and the plant doesnt destroy so you dont need to plant the seed again its a very annoying job also add 300 points per pages and allow to choose all competence point so you dont need to have 3 character to do everything having only one can be better


Most MMO don’t allow that option, it’s basically a way to keep you playing and make more characters.

It would be nice if you could pick races/species with bonuses to certain skills. Make it a bit more interesting

Well, maybe just a tad more allowance on a page, so you can have a complete skill set.

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Maybe they dont allow that practice like you said but when a game became a second job the fun disapear when you play a game you dont have to feel like its a job it have to be fun make you enjoying the game not feeling like doing task see you arrive at home you make your dishes your broom your vacum then you open boundless to have fun and harvesting is more a task than having fun you have to get all the crops and seed after work the soil because the soil broke than after seed a the thing again when you have 5000 of each crops species you almost want to never play again you will said do less bigger field but the problem is i cant i need a lot of ressources because i buy nothing and do all by myself so if i can only get the crops and the plant stay with a special tool it can be greater why creating a tool ? Because for the one who love to do all again and again they can but the one who didnt like it can harvest too but with a little less work

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different races / species with unique abilities would be fun :smiley:

can i become a catlike creature with nightvision?

can i become a axolotl like creature to dive and longlast underwater?

can i become birdlike creature for gliding?

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Any of these would be useful and fun little variations.

Bit off topic - for the underwater you can already achieve long periods with sinking feeling tool and a kraken brew :grinning: