Has Farming ruined platform hunting in Circarpous?

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Has farming ruined platform hunting in Circarpous? Now that people are crawling the world looking for exotic earthyams, every region is getting triggered on a regular basis. Is there a way to solve this with strategy, or is a different planet the only solution?


Different planet where there nothing interesting on and less cities


Probably! It’ll slow down eventually, though. I imagine compared to a couple weeks ago that it’s better than before


Absolutely has…but it’s circapous…there a bunch more low lvl world’s u can farm oort on when u are low level…and u can easily go on t6 hunts and get 10x the drops if u aren’t low lvl or too broke for good bows. There’s plenty other options than circapous.


Hmm one permanent world with a 0.01< % chance of finding exotic earthyam bulbs compared to how many other worlds that can spawn meteors for hunts? … personally I would prefer a couple more of the exotic earthyam bulb spawn planets than the current ratio.


Seems to me hunting on a different planet is the simplest solution to your problem


It’s absolutely ruined it… makes me wonder if it was by design to quiet all the complaining about ugly platforms and slides…


Honest question as someone who hasn’t really done much hunting at all lately and only did platform hunting like once: how has it ruined the platform hunting, exactly? :thinking:


I am guessing it might have something to do with meteors being triggered by people on Circar by going to their farms. That would be my guess.


Platform hunting ruined platform hunting on Circ. Boring.


Yeah it’s from people running circ looking for yams or anything else. If they spawn meteors than if people hunt there the meteor spawns won’t trigger. That’s why we need more t4 worlds or yam spawns on t3 and 4


NerArth, platform hunters warp to a region center and enter it all together, hoping that a region will bring a big meteor very quickly and then they can go straight to it. After meteor, they warp to next platform/region and start again. It makes hunting easier for newer players who aren’t as experienced with navigating difficult terrains (although tier 4 is not all that difficult), some players aren’t as confident with grapples, roaming groups can sometimes be difficult to keep together, stuff like that. Platform hunts are pretty easy, anyone can do it.

I’m a fan of traveling the world on hunts the old fashioned way, but I have run with platform groups almost every day since the platforms were built. As of late, the Circarpous platform hunts haven’t been running daily like they used to, and when they do run, there are a lot fewer meteors and less loot to be had, or the group had to move to a different planet entirely because the regions were offering no meteors at all.

So I thought this would be a good topic for discussion since it affects a lot of people.


There are alot of other planets to choose from…and if you really want a tier 4 hunt there is another planet to pick from. Since Circapous is pretty poor for your hunts the most productive plan is to simply have them on other planets…perhaps reevaluate the situation in a few weeks or months… but for now…It is what it is.


Circarpous huh?
yeah exotic yams will be hunted there,
yeah since Circarpous seems the only planet for this, that there are Till and Delta cancret for Tier 4 planets. i guess platforms might not be setup on these other Tier 4s, or I know, they are not owned by Jaceylive! for the Meteor meet group. Just so happens that Circarpous is the only lush Tier 4, perhaps more range to 3 or 5 would help with worlds that exotic yams to spawn on, but this is sorta adding in limited supply thing on new farming for certain crops.


My Question, as a non hunter, non farmer is-
Why is Circapous I so important to hunt on compared to the other t4s?
All i currently see is make more planets for the yams, instead of make more planets for the hunts.


FayaAOP yeah yams, might not be ideal thing to be change, due to economic dynamic diversity needed for new farming features. is a quark of the game. I know hunters much adapt to another T4! :smiley:


Circarpous and Delta are the best planets for t4 platform hunts. Till is out because of all the lava. Delta is on USE which is good for the hunts which are probably mostly attended by north american players in their evening hours. Circ is good for its time slot because its on EUC which is good for its time slot that it occurs in the evening for European players. My guess is that switching continents probably introduces lag for many players.

For higher tier planets, I’ve been told that they are not acceptable because of increased protection requirements.


So People want the easy Pickings from a hunt w/o the Risk of a hunt. Understood.
Thank you for the answer.




I hope so, ugly platforms littering the planet.