Have you reviewed Oort Online on Steam?

In relation to the “how can I help” topics we’ve had recently, one massive thing you can do to help us is leave Oort Online a review on Steam here. It helps surface Oort Online is search results which means eyeballs on the game, which means sales, which means funding, which means features! Everyone wins!

A thumbs rating is good, a written one even better (and we read them all).

If you’ve already left a review, thanks so much we love you already :smile:


I think it was an Bad Idea to release it for the public as Early Access on Steam. I mean sure there are many good reviews, but look at the Bad reviews, “400/500 found this helpfull” But if I read them I see they dont know ■■■■… I mean, what the ■■■■? A lot of People have bad thoughts about Early Acess because of the tzons of shitty Games that have never been finnished and they go into Oort Online to see an unfinnished Game. Sure, we all know what Early Acess is for, but it seems like they don’t. Maybe it would have been better to remove it from Early Acess and get into Early acess if we’re in Alpha or better, Beta.

I mean sure, its up to you how you like it. It’s just not good to get such high voted Bad reviews with false Information…


Most of the top reviews are good though (exempt one very positive bad review)

But yeah early access is generally a bad idea until you get somewhat more into the game.


I know but its the thing that they are damn high rated.

We could have not launched on Steam, but that would meant fewer sales, less funding, fewer features.

A few bad reviews won’t – and shouldn’t – put us off making an awesome game. You can’t please everyone, especially with early access, and that’s fine. But the positives far, far outweigh the negatives.

Where possible we try to learn from the negative reviews what we can do to improve the game (often they’re the most honest). It’s incredibly valuable to get that feedback before you launch a game while you can still do something about it.


I have a review on steam, but I’d forgotten to update it after release 100 came out… I’ll do that tonight at home.

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i still have a review that oort is one of the best games XD

i have just addet some new and better picture ^^

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I left a review quite a while ago, back in January or February, so I think I’ll update it soon.


Done diggity done!
And I agree with others, those negative reviews are ridiculous.


I left a positive review after day 2. :wink:


Agreed. Kind of tough reviewing it now. It’s pretty bare bones and only a gamer that can link upcoming updates with current game play, can really give a helpful review.
I’m sure the negative reviews are gamers that bought it on the assumption the released game isn’t far away, so the game should be a but more rounded out. I can go either way though on release, just have to have faith and be prepared.

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Just just for knowledge, I’ll do one too as soon as I know what to say that hasnt been told yet xD I cant find much and what I do find doesnt matter at all :smiley:

After a long time i wrote a review for “Boundless”.

Steam Review

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i have make my review on 24.12.2014 ^^