Heal channel bomb quests don't seem right


I could have sworn I forged tier 2 heal bombs with the Replenishing ability. So much so that my quest list agrees with me. But every time I use the bombs on another player, it only heals them and counts for the other quest about Health bombs.

Here’s a screenshot where you can see the quest discrepancy as well as the bombs in question.

After healing a few peeps


Bombs no longer replenish energy. That changed a while back. Guess they forgot to change the feat. @james

It was a big thing too. Some people were up in arms about it. Kinda shocked you don’t remember that since you’re on here pretty often.

Wait wait wait scratch that I’m completely wrong :joy: it’s hunger they don’t do anymore(update 206 body paint is when the change happened). Tho I don’t know if that means the energy part works still or not because since that update I stopped using them


It works for health and energy for me although last time I was playing was Friday could of changed between now and then.


I think you need to find someone who actually needs energy replenished for it to count? I still have both quests as well on my main and just tested it, healing someone with full health doesn’t count, so I assume someone with full energy also doesn’t count (as in hunger not full, but energy full).


I’ve waited for ppl to swing their hammer or grapple before hitting them and it didn’t register.

I recently noticed you also need direct hits, if the aoe blast heals them that won’t count. I’ll give it another go with a direct hit when they are missing energy to test


I reported this as well. I can’t complete the steps for those either.


I’ve checked this in game and it doesn’t look like it’s working for me either. Thanks for the report, I’ll added it to the bug database.