Healing Bombs

I’ve never really used bombs much but after seeing how useful they are I wanted to make some for myself and some to sell. What kind of bombs are best for healing and what other effects do you look for?

It depends on what they’re for.

Healing bombs heal the amount of the bomb’s damage plus some modifier based on your character’s intelligence.

For farming I use them sometimes to restore energy more than health, for this I use titanium since they restore a decent amount of energy and also so they don’t stack with my copper/iron regen bombs. And they’re cheaper to make than gems ofc. For these I usually stop at level 2 since I’m looking for energy restoration and not worried about debuffs.

For hunting I tend to use topaz or blink because they have a higher heal than metal bombs and a larger AoE which means that you can heal more people in a group, and it’s easier to catch a moving avatar in the healing range. These I forge to level 3 so they also clear any debuffs off the avatar.

If you just want something to restore your own health, diamond/rift have the highest “damage” but since you can’t hit yourself with a bomb you have to either run right up on someone else and heal both, or drop it at your feet and stand still until it explodes, roughly 4 seconds.

Forging AoE range onto healing bombs is helpful if you’re going to be in group activities.

Decreased energy usage is nice especially if you’re using lucent bombs.

Action speed doesn’t matter much.

The healing boon removes any knockback effect.

Forged damage doesn’t seem to add any health points to them.

I’m not sure if there are any other boons or quirks that people find useful with a healing bomb.


Great insight, thanks.

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I wish I had stockpiled food bombs

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I usually just go with titanium for hunting… theyre cheap to make and 3k healing is decent, only need one to get out of trouble. I do carry mega healing brews too for when im really low though and need to refill 15k hp at once.

And area of effect is great on healing bombs