Health in its Current State

We’re still in Pre-Alpha, so I think that health is kind of pointless for the moment. Until survival and realism of some sort are introduced, it would be helpful to have infinite health for now. I know there’s health blocks that you stand on to regenerate, but they’re pretty rare and non-“copyable”. It’s also pretty hindersome to be swinging around something or “grapple-running” and somehow instantly losing most of your health by hitting a thing. Anyway, I’d like to atleast have the ability to be invincible so that I don’t die all the time when trying to move around or build something.

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what you describes is the reason we do have health, if it was useless then you wouldnt die wouldnt you?
in all simplicity, you just need to stop swinging into walls or jumping off cliffsides, and the health is there to punish you for doing so, also the longer they have it up the more data they can get from it, instead of suddenly throwing it back in when creatures comes they can tweak it as time goes along.

Heal blocks are included in the next release :smile:


You have some very great and valid points, thanks for the insight. With my 1 Megabit per/second internet, I just lag out alot, so sometimes it seems impossible to not accidentally hit a wall or fall off a cliff.

Thanks also. Hooray!

i dont have lags, i still keep dying all of the time, so i feel the pain :sob:

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