Health Regen - Suggestions requested

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I’m not sure what happened, but a while back I used to be able to heal back to full health with the full up buff in a minute or so. I had both the health epics: the extra health and the regen.
I come back one day after an update and now even with the health regen epic and full up buff it takes several minutes to regen health, so I have to go through brews like nobody’s business if I’m out hunting.
I’m not sure what to do about this, because it’s ruining the game for me. Going out for a little hunt is now quite expensive and a big PITA.
Am I missing something, or did they nerf health regen?
Is there a more efficient way of healing yourself?
Help and suggestions appreciated.

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Healing bombs…?

What we need is the Healing Blocks that there used to be in EA. Place one on the ground and stand on it. You could fully heal in less than a minute…or at least that is how I remember it.

Its not necessarily a nerf, but as you upgrade your health, your health regen still remains a constant 20 hp every 5 seconds. Which is fine at low health, but when you have 20k health, that takes a while to fully regen.

Only way to properly heal is to drink healing brews or, more preferability, use healing bombs