Health regen


It’s way too low to start off with, I shouldn’t have to sit here for TEN minutes waiting to regen to full. I have reset my skills twice already, I should have kept my first build and made a second character like I planned…! I’m so frustrated. The one way I can gain a bunch of experience is running around Elapor and I lose like half my health to dumb flying things that never de-aggro. I don’t want to fight them im saving durability for meteors. Clearly I should just fight them and get them off my back.

Unfortunately I was already low so I didn’t want to risk it. I ran all the way back to my base barely surviving. That is insane! I’m 23 so leveling is a little slower I have vitality V.

Just realized something, Im pretty sure I made a mistake when I reset skills I forgot the perk to reduce physical damage lol…it’s so hard to get a good balance early on. Also what kind of damage does the flying things do? Physical?


I agree.

It feels like upgrading health regen is useless compared to things that would stop you from having to regen at all.


That’s cause it’s a fixed amount compared to a percentage of your max health.

Even with max HP regen and even a few points into Vitality stat, you will regen very slowly. Before patch 188, health regen was in a very good spot. Now it’s pretty worthless but it’s more of a balance thing right now than it is of a game breaking issue.

So I feel your pain on this… :slight_smile:


Temporary solution… Copper Healing Bombs. They’re actually very good.


eat some food… you will get a buff that regens your hps. Like berries, cooked berries, and cooked meat.


For 20hp per 5 seconds (or whatever it is)?


I find mobility more important than vitality when exploring. You can get both when reaching higher levels but if you are low to medium level and want to start exploring worlds, it’s better to be very fast and hv 3 meter jump. I simply run through mobs to where I want to be. Even now being lvl 40+ with my hunter and miner, I often don’t want to engage in fighting some random creatures and I just leave them behind.

So. Speed and jump bonuses go well ahead health for me. I am happy having 3000 ish hp with my miner and health regen I only maxed out recently. Was at mid level of it for ages.


Thanks for all the tips!


Many of us have asked them to make sure cuttle’s de-aggro at some point but our requests have been ignored.


with regards to the Cuttletrunks (flying things) make sure their view/path is obstructed and then run away. To avoid getting shot by anything, don’t run in a straight line. Forests are good places to lose them.


This is huge part of the problem. With most characters having more points in Vitality now due to the increased mob damage (from the mob ability update), the small amount of health that the skill regens even at max (100 / 5 sec) is a drop in the ocean.

A great move would be to move it to percentage based, and then decide how long it should take a character with no points in regen, who is just standing around, doing nothing, taking no damage, with no food buffs, to regen from 1 to full. Personally I’d say a minute maybe two, tops. Let the skill (maxed) reduce that to half the base time, and food perhaps 3/4 of the base time (excepting the HoT food of course).

At this point full regen and food stacked might seem like its too fast/OP, but I’d also suggest that health regen ticks be delayed by damage the same way stamina regen is delayed by stamina use.

Still too OP? I dunno, I don’t think it would be, but hey lets try it and see, it can always be tweaked :slight_smile:


Sorry to spam you haha, are we able to make iron or silver healing bombs? If so I can’t find the skill for it lol.


Copper and sapphire are the healing bombs.