Health regeneration not showing in stats?

Not sure if it’s suppose to always say “0”…but I couldn’t get it to change. I was using a new alt/character to test it out after someone asked me about it.


This made me curious, I tried a heal potion, and also ensuring I had the “Full Up” buff and neither moved this from 0, although the heal potion does show under the experience bar with the other timed buffs.

Moving some skill points into the Health Regeneration epic skill did provide me with a value in this field:

Nothing else I did made any difference.

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Maybe the wording should be changed to Skill Based Health Regen or something… if it is only accounting for innate regen from skill points.

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I rarely look at that section in the menu anymore but I was helping a new player and they kept referring to it. So I decided to double-check.

I told them there were brews and skill points for that but it didn’t look like it was working even though just above it- it was showing the countdown

… apologies for the bad grammar and spelling I am not at home and I am using talk to text on my phone right now


Yeah this showed in the buff list for me also but not the stats area. Other brews so affect the displayed stats but I haven’t tested them all so I’m not sure how many work each way.

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I think those stats only indicate our passive skill. Tried a starberry pie but energy regen did not increase.

For Health Regeneration Level 4, was a Super Healing Brew used to get this status effect?

I believe so…I don’t think it was the max one. I just bought what was closet to me at the time & didn’t make a note of it.

Yes in my screenshot it was. I didn’t realize it was still on when I took the shot of the health regeneration epic but for reference here’s another shot of it not showing in the stats.

For a buff that does show, here you can see the effect of a persisting pie showing in my “Durability Drain Mod.” stat:

And a speed brew adds to my run and sprint speed, even changing the color:

But doesn’t affect the “speed adder” stats for tools or weapons.

Falling armor buff Shows and affects the stat color like hte speed brew:

Recovery brew also doesn’t show in the energy regeneration stat:

I don’t see any stats changed with a strength brew either. It would be even better if these buffs could affect the displayed stats of a tool or item you’ve equipped as well.

Thanks for the replies, I’ve added these to the database. I can see from the screenshots that some of the text has changed to the orange colour to show the change in attributes.