So I was running around black light and saw one of those helixs sitting there. While I was doing that, I was on Portal seekers discord on a separate screen and saw that they sure need to fuel their hundreds of portals alot! And often!

What if a bigger guild could get a helix that lowered the amount of shards needed per day for bigger portals? Not so much per hour, but per a full day? Would that be worth the money, resources,and time sink?

Your thoughts please?

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Think it’s bad idea it gonna destroy all the small hubs and newcomers it’s to powerful benefit for big groups imo

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Excellent point.

I think it would be good.
If the bonus is not too much.
It could lower cost for all portals placed in beacons aligned to the guild owning the machine. So even smaller groups and a solo players could use the bonus if set the very guild as their main and align their beacons accordingly.


This will amount to a dev-chosen and fixed coin/oort conversion value.

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