Hello and its good to be back!

Just came back after a long break, enjoying the changes to beacons and the prospect of the multiverse! I wanted to ask if there is any way to get the original early access worlds to play on. Vulpto etc. Thought that would be a fun call back =)


Welcome back :+1: :smiley:
unfortunately, we have left these planets in time. Currently, there is no way to reach these EA worlds.

But I get it, I also look every night in the sky for those stars [Therka] [Solum] [Munteen] [Vulpto] where it all started :boundless:


What I mean is reproduce them for the multiverse and private universes. Would be simple to load the json files for them.

I asked James about this once and the short answer is no that cannot be done. Not sure why…


Welcome back …

Maybe the code that generated them makes them incompatible…orrrr they deleted them like they do our sovs.


Originally DEV-HQ said that they gonna keep them saved …
… but I doubt we’ll ever get those planets back :thinking:

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Hello! Welcome back :slight_smile:

Those planets are no longer compatible with the current game.


I get what you are saying but I would really like to hear a “why” they are no longer compatible.

Also I might ask (I know nothing of computer coding so bear with me) why cannot they be recreated using today’s code?

I don’t know how difficult it’d actually be either but I know the lighting has changed and were any of those planets chiseled? Just a couple differences I can think of that might make it tricky

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There was a change at some point after the release about the way planet were generated and i think it was also hitting something about the graphic engines and that why there aren’t compatible anymore.


Again not a computer person, but I don’t think lighting should make a difference how the blocks were placed.

Chiseled…well I guess that might be something but they are now sooooo… :man_shrugging:


I really would like to know the reasons why (how planets are generated) this does not work.

What I am asking is if we know the placement of the blocks, why could they not be put back into the same shape?

The thing is that as you said, you are not a computer person so even if a dev explained the reasons they wouldn’t make any sense right?

One of the easiest ways to see it is that the old worlds speak Spanish while the current game engine speaks german, even if the old worlds hold the data for every single block they won’t be able to communicate that data to the current engine.

Also the colors and lighting change completely the looks of a planet, what everyone remembers from the old worlds won’t ever look the same because those colors don’t exist anymore and can’t be rendered in the exact same way in the current engine.


I get the whole lighting and coloring won’t be exact. I have given up on actually getting those planets back in their original form.

What I am trying to understand is the block placement. That should be able to be done. So I could have the landscape of a planet. That is really the question I want to have answered.

But the whole thing is really a moot point…we are never getting them back.

Welcome back! :partying_face::grin:

I think you have an outside chance at best of getting the actual answer and utterly zero chance of the planet or its landscape.

Tbh, having waited 3 or 4mths a coming soon update you learn to just forget about what you may have seen in past or could maybe get in the future and play with wjat you have now… otherwise in a week you will still be sat here on a thread with 200 posts and still no answer lol

Shoot him a pm and see what he says :woman_shrugging: Maybe you’ll have more luck in a direct message since topics can get kinda heated

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Trying to not bee too technical but the devs have stated a couple of things:

  • The code in the old world files is not compatible with the current game engine.
  • Those old worlds don’t comply with the current universe rules.
  • IIRC those colors don’t exactly exist in the current game engine.

This means the world files are also incompatible, possibly insofar as nonexistent biomes, etc… too.

So, they could maybe tune those up and do what color matching they can, and run that through the world generator for a new world “reminiscent” of the old one. But any one of us can try and do this on a sovereign planet right now.

They might even be willing to help with the color matching.

As far as the idea of loading up the old game engine somewhere and starting the planets, then exporting the billions of voxels into some new mapping format, then recreating a new world block by block matching the old one, and excluding the normal resources in the game now, and etcetera for all that …

Don’t hold your breath.