Hello devs

Can u make it so we can chat to friends on the app. It would be very helpful to be able to jump on at the same time as my two friends I keep missing. Anyways ty for the great work.

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What do you mean by app? In the game or in the forums?

Theres an app for the forums I belive there used to be

Why not add them on discord?

Also you could pm them on here tho you wouldn’t get a notification that they are online in boundless unless they sent you a message, as the forums and the game are separate entities

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Ah I see, well you are able to message them on the forums - press your avatar in the top right corner, then press the mail icon in the top right corner, then press it again to get up the option to start a new message.

But as of now, I don’t think there is any notification when a friend starts playing other than the built in steam/psn friend notifications that pop up on your screen :slight_smile:

But as @FireAngelDth said, Discord is a great way to get hold of people. A bunch on people are on the official Boundless discord and lots of different communities within the game have their own servers. You should check it out! :slight_smile:


I will ty for the info. This is why I love the community

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I mostly mean to check if people are online that are ur friends and maybe chat. Course that does bring a whole new set of problems lol geuss it’s just a dream. Anyways ty for all the replies. U guys rock

Why hello there.