Hello, new player

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Hello all, just joined Boundless yesterday. I’m liking the game so far. The world is so big, I hope to make a few neighbor friends soon. I’m in the US East server.


Welcome o/


Welcome to the game Sakie. I’m from Solum, always glad to have new players around. My coords are 1700, -200, come have a look when you have time.


Nice to meet you. I’m still learning how to get around. How do you travel to other worlds and communities? I’m only level 5 right now, do you need to be higher?


Nope, no level requirement to get around/hop through a portal.

Most of the planets capital cities are connected. Easiest way would be to unlock the compass skill and head toward the yellow marker (capital). Thats’s where you’re most likely to encounter other players.

Welcome to Boundless!


thanks! I appreciate it


If you press escape, and “places” you can see the coords where you are. Solum capital is Pixel Gate and is around -1700, -200, but i have a portal that goes there if you come by. You need a hand to get a hang around?


Welcome to the Boundless community. :slight_smile:


thank you :grin:


anyone know how to permanently kill creatures. cause i’ve hit two spitters by mistake, killed them numerous times, and they’re still following me. they move so fast that i can’t aim the slingbow, though that’s probably due to the fact i’m use to controller. So i’ve drowned them, killed them with an axe, killed them with a hammer, yet they’re still spawning and following me to my home. I can’t craft my home cause i’m constantly dying or have to run


I’m often online if you want you can poke me. I’ll show you tips and trick to get started


Sure, how do you add people to friends list?


That’s done through trading menu. After interacting with something you see trading tab and you can switch to the second one called befriend or something like that.


ah, I see. thanks


Welcome :smiley:


Welcome! I am also on Solum (the US east starting planet) in the Pixelgate town. It’s a great community! I hope you can find us! If you need some help getting started, friend me (Jenndragonfly) and hopefully I can help :smiley:


Hello! New player from Berlyn, if you drop by be sure to pay Blacklight City a visit, hopefully we’ll bump into each other!


I hope so, still figuring out how to save and move around from city to city without losing track of my house, which i’m still working on building x3


Welcome , I hope you enjoy the game, as you can see the community in this game is top notch so if you need help don’t be afraid to ask.:grin:


Welcome, nice to meet you, I’ll tell you right now that this community is great, I started as a newbie and everyone helped out, I came to love the game more than any other.